Did you know that you can customize your Alexa experience anyway you want. Here are the 5 Alexa pro tips to get the most out of your Alexa experience.

Use whisper mode and Alexa will whisper back. When for example you are having a relaxing moment and you don’t want to disturb the peace you can whisper to Alexa and she will whisper back to you. To activate this feature just say, Alexa, turn on whisper mode.

Keep things moving with follow- up mode. You can talk to Alexa like you would to your best friend and what is even more exciting is that you don’t have to say Alexa before every command. Just enable follow- up mode and Alexa will respond to your follow- up commands without having to repeat the wake word. After you say Alexa, the blue light indicator will remain on for a few seconds and you can give your next command. You can enable the follow- up mode on the Alexa app or you can say Alexa enable follow- up mode.

Be brief with brief mode. In brief mode, Alexa can turn on or off the lights, give you all the information you need and play songs with just a matter of seconds. To turn on brief mode, open the Alexa app and head to menu, then settings. Under Alexa preferences select voice responses. Find brief mode and use the toggle to turn it on or off.

Keep it safe with explicit filter. When you are having guests over, you probably want to set the right mood. With Alexa’s explit mode feature you can keep a not so family friendly song off your playlist. Just enable it in the app and say Alexa, turn on the explicit filter and after the command Alexa is safe for all ears.

Control the volume by voice. Let Alexa moving with one simple volume command. Just tell Alexa to set the volume to a number between 1 and 10 and Alexa will obey the command .



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