Ja Morant was the star of the 2019 March madness for the Maristate University and became the 2nd pick in the 2019 draft. Morant’s first killer steps in electrifying dunks, Memphis succeeded all expectations in his rookie years.


 In high school Morant was not that impressive to look at physically. As a junior he was 6 feet tall and only weighed 160 pounds and looked like any other skinny kid that could hoop. His talent was not recognized by many. He only one had offer from a major division one program, South Carolina, who viewed him as a backup point guard.

Then later on, his basketball future would be decided by a complete coincidence. James king, the assistant coach at maristate went to a basketball camp on a scouting mission. While looking to see the next great talent, King got hungry and headed to buy some snacks. When he was standing on the line waiting for food, he got a good look of the court where he saw one kid who was faster that everyone else.

He bought the food and remained in the line and continued watching the game. Ten minutes later, he was convinced that he found the talent that he found the player that he was searching for. Morant was offered a scholarship and together with his family accepted the scholarship and the rest was history.


2019 was the biggest year of Morant’s life, not only did he lead the Maristate Racers to March madness and got drafted with the second pick, but also he became a father. His long-term girlfriend KK Dixon gave birth to a daughter, Kaari. Considering her father is one of the best NBA players and her mom was a standout volleyball and basketball player, young Kaari has a bright athletic future ahead of her.


Zion and Morant were the first two players to be picked during the NBA draft in 2019 but it became national news that the two were AAU teammates in high school. Back then the 14 year old Zion and the 15 year old Morant were nowhere near their capabilities and Zion was a shy kid who did not socialize much with his team mates and his athleticism didn’t kick in yet. Morant on the other hand was fast but he was 5 foot and could be easily overpowered by larger opponents. Still, Zion and Morant remembered this time finely during the NBA draft in 2019.


Morant’s dad was lucky to have a father with basketball experience and his dad T Morant was not going easy on him. His dad was harsh and never accepted mediocrity from Morant. Morant’s father was close to becoming an NBA player and played some pro basketball overseas. When his son began playing basketball, T Morant did everything in his power to see the Morant name in the NBA and fulfill his dreams through his son and luckily Ja Morant was dealing well with the criticism and it motivated him to get better. When he was getting drafted, Ja Morant said that the criticism did not matter because his dad was his first and biggest hater and if he could take it from him he surely can take it from anyone else.

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