After hard reset, factory reset protection can be very frustrating especially if you can’t remember previous Google account username and password used while setting up your Samsung j6.with this security, a user is prevented from proceeding further into phones home menu unless they provide correct logins.

Once Google account verification is activated, device screen remains grayed out until one inputs their email or phone number and password.

There are various frp bypass tools or factory reset protection bypass tool used to bypass Samsung j6 Gmail account. These are best software you can easily use. However, most people cannot afford to buy computers and also enough internets to download the applications. So in this article I’ll be showing you a simple way to remove Google account by downloading just two applications:

Follow the given steps below:

  1. Tap arrow on the home screen to go to the next page, tick on agree terms option and hit next.  Connect Samsung j6 to Wi-Fi and return to Wi-Fi page again to select add network.
  2. On the pop up keyboard click on setting icon to load Samsung keyboard.
  3. Navigate then tap “Swipe touch and feedback “followed by “Touch feedback”.
  4. Hit “Sounds and vibrations”, select “Ringtone”.
  5. Confirm and press “SIM 1”, select “+” icon on top-right corner.
  6. Tap “Search”
  7. Again tap several times on mic icon then insert a locked sim card on sim tray.
  8. Insert it in the phone and immediately tap on mic icon once again.
  9. Remove sim card as soon as you see Samsung screen wallpaper.
  10. A “No SIM card inserted” message will appear on screen, under it click “OK”.
  11. Immediately, swipe the clock to the right corner.
  12. While holding the time(clock),tap a lock security under it.
  13. “Not signed in” page will show up.
  14. Swipe it down and double tap the top-right corner settings icon.
  15. Now tap on media/divide section.
  16. Wait for the next page to load and hit “Done”.
  17. Click on the 3 dots and then “Settings”.
  18. Under settings press “About media and devices”.
  19. Select the top-right corner icon followed by “Permissions”.
  20. Hit search icon and type “pin window” and select it.
  21. Scroll to “Pin window” and “activate it
  22. Return to previous page and tap “pin window”
  23. Once again navigate & select “Pin window”.
  24. A page will open, under select “Use screen lock type to unpin”.
  25. Now you can create any screen lock, confirm it and return to home screen.
  26. Complete the initial setup and input your screen lock.



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