YouTube contents are contents that are posted on a YouTube channel for the purpose of entertaining, educating, inspiring or passing information to an audience that can access YouTube. One must use devices that are connected to the internet.

How to create fascinating YouTube contents that generate subscribers.

  1. One of the most important factor after creating a YouTube channel and start posting is knowing your audience. One should be able to learn their viewers and subscribers and know what they like from your channel and what more they would like to see from you. You should learn your audience age, interests, words that you use that get their full attention and what are the type of contents that make them satisfied when they view your page.
  2. One should not take all their time in trying to bypass the logarithm so that you can get higher ratings as this can be fatal in the long run where everyone realizes your contents are not that much useful to them. One should just produce their contents, be passionate and consistent when doing this and you will receive the results you desire of more subscribers and viewers.
  3. One should be clear from the word go on the type of contents they will be producing as this will give their audience a reason to continue coming back to your page to see what you have posted next. In the content, the viewers should know what exactly the point of your content is within the fast few seconds and what to look forward for.
  4. One should always have a plan for the future and a planned pre-production. This is to ensure that your videos are of high quality. One should have a catalog of all the singular shots they need in the video, props for different sets, a story board and most importantly a B-roll which is an extra video recording that brings your content story to life when it reaches the point of editing.
  5. One should portray energy in his content in order to keep the audience engaged and have their full attention to the video.   One should exhibit passion, energy and love for what he does. This will capture the audience attention more than contents where one is dull.
  6. One should also take risks from time to time. Once you have your target audience on lock, then you should sometimes take deliberated risks. This will keep your audience intrigued as it will show even the audience that sometimes the things we think are just assumptions.
  7. One should be very cautious when choosing a description or the headings of their content. One may create very fascinating contents but the lack of the keywords is pulling them down. One should have headlines and tags that most people are searching for on the internet.

Types of YouTube contents that have earned people income.

  1. Videos that walk someone through video games. This are videos that show one how to set up their video games and also play different types of games. Gaming has become one of the rising forms of entertainment in the world. To date, there are thousand of gaming channels on YouTube.
  2. There are also Guides and Tutorial channels that have gained much traction. These are channels that show people through their YouTube channels on how to do something in a step by step guide from the video they put up. This has been very important and helpful especially through these trying time where there is Corona Virus forcing people to quarantine at home.
  3. There has also been channels that usually put content videos where they review products. In these modern days, people have developed a tendency of going through the internet when they want to get a product or service. This makes YouTube a very popular platform where one goes to see different product reviews before they proceed with buying the products.
  4. There are also popular Celebrity gossip channels where they give the latest news on your favorite celebrities including their latest gossips and events. These channels usually have much streaming since the celebrity enthusiasts always want to be on know on what their favorite celebrities are up to.
  5. Another channel that is famous these days is the comedy and sketch video channels. These are channels that people post their comedy or a comedy sketch that entertain their audience. This is a very popular platform especially where the comedy is a sketch as many people relate to them.



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