Miracle Box is a mobile phone servicing hardware tool used to flash different types of Chinese mobile phones by cracking the passwords and patterns as it tries to look for a file inside the system called gesture.

Miracle Box makes it possible for the user to carry out various functions such as reading, writing, decoding procedures and also software repair operations with devices based on corresponding CPU’s e.t.c. At times, the user tries to flash a phone but realizes that the “Start” button does not function when you try to tap on it.

Do not worry as that is the main reason as to why we have dedicated our time to write this article, to show users how they can fix the miracle Box “Start” button when it fails. Let us go straight ahead to the procedures.


  1. Open the Miracle Box tool.
  2. After noticing that the “Start” button does not work, close the Miracle Box tool.
  3. Right click on the miracle box tool and on the options provided, choose “open file location”.
  4. Thereafter, open Box Data folder.
  5. While in the Box Data folder, delete “Handle”.
  6. Empty your computers recycle bin.
  7. Afterwards, open “run” command and type “regedit” and select OK to proceed.
  8. Wait patiently for a page to open and on the far right corner select “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” folder.
  9. Under the folder, select “software” where you will be given an option of other folders.
  10. Under the given folders, highlight “Handle” and delete the folder by right clicking and selecting the delete option.
  11. Well done!!! You have successfully fixed your miracle Box Tool “Start’ problem. You can open your Miracle Box Tool and enjoy.

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