Health benefits of vegetarian diets.

  1. A Vegetarian diet helps one lose excess weight.

This is one of the most important reasons that a vegetarian diet is gaining much popularity nowadays as it is linked to lose of weight. Studies have shown that people on this type of diet are mostly thinner and have a low BMI (Body Mass Index). This is due to low fat and protein contents in these types of foods. Vegetarian diet is the way to go when one wants to lose weight compared to other types of foods like controlled diets. Studies done showed that vegetarians usually lose more weight in comparison with calorie restricted diets even though they were allowed to eat until they were full and did not follow the diet perfectly compared to other controlled foods.

  • It lowers blood sugar levels and enhance kidney functioning.

This diet helps one to lower the risk of getting type 2-diabetes and kidney malfunction. Those who stick to this diet have shown to have lower blood sugar levels, 50 to 78% lower threat of getting type 2-diabetes and higher insulin sensitivity. The diet is also used by diabetics to lessen the blood sugar levels compared to most prescribed diets. In the event where one gets systematic distal polyneuropathy symptoms, this diet is usually advisable to provide relief.

  • This diet offers protection against certain types of cancers.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has released a study that a third of all cancers are preventable by factors that one can control especially through diet.  Eating legumes on a regular basis ca reduce colorectal cancer from 9 to 18%.

The study also showed that eating fresh fruits at least 7 portions a day lessens the danger of dying up to 15%. An advantage is that it usually comprises of mostly fruits, legumes and vegetables than other diets. This is important as this diet reduces the risk of developing cancer or dying from it. In addition to this, the diet contains soy products that protect one against breast cancer.  Avoiding some certain foods by vegetarians like animal products helps one decrease the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancer.

  • Vegetarian diet is usually associated with less risk of heart illnesses.

This diet that consists of generally vegetables, fruits, legumes and high fiber foods is known to lessen the threat of developing heart diseases. One should eat these types of foods in a well- planned manner can help you stay healthy with less health risks. The diet lowers the risk of developing or dying from high blood pressure and heart diseases. It is also known to reduce blood sugar levels in the body. The consumption by vegetarians of whole grains and nuts are advisable to maintain the health of the heart.

  • This diet is used to relieve pain from Arthritis.

Studies have shown that this diet usually has positive effects in different types of arthritis patients. Participants in these studies were arthritis patients who some were given whole foods and other the vegetarian diet for 6 weeks. It was recorded that those on the diet had higher energy levels and their general body functions had improved. Those on the vegan diet had improved greatly especially in symptoms such as pain, morning stiffness and joint pains compared to their whole foods counterparts.

  • They provide a variety of nutrients needed by the body.

This type of diet is beneficial to people of all ages but one needs a good plan I order to capitalize on the nutrients consumption. Planning is important as it helps one to get a wider range of important nutrients. This diet provides nutrients such as calcium, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, healthy proteins, vitamins (D and B-12), Zinc and Iodine.

Note: This type of diet when well planned is very healthy to everyone in different ages. Plant based nutrient usually have almost no health risks.  They help reduce the threat of heart diseases, type 2-diabetes, cancer and some medical conditions. One should always note that going into vegetarian diet does not make one healthy immediately. One should strive to eat veggies on a regular basis as being a vegetarian is all about your eating lifestyle on a daily basis.



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