What’s up guys. Today I am tremendously excited because I get to unbox the Play Station 5. This is actually my first time opening it as I never got the chance to do so before and I am actually really excited. The first thing you observe inside the box is other boxes in which in one of them there is

  • a power cable
  • a brand new controller and the manuals.
  • There is the play station stand. HDMI 2.1 cable needed for 4K 120,
  • USB type C connector for charging the controller.

That is it for the top box. Let us go down to the good and awaited stuff that you wanted to witness here today, that is, the main console. It is quite heavy. It has got these tube- like things on the side. I must handle it with a lot of care especially if I am doing the world’s first unboxing of the play station 5. It is quite a lovely console and actually looks a lot cooler than I thought.

                                                       PLAY STATION 5 INCREDIBLE FEATURES
It has a nice front design.  
It has the USB ports in the front.  
There is the power button and the reset button in the drive.  
Has ports at the back (power, HDMI, Ethernet and the two 3.0 USB ports)  
The play station 5 has a stand with a hidden compartment with a screw to attach it.  


Make sure the hook is in position. Remove the screw hole at the bottom of the ps 5. Afterwards, make sure the hook is towards the back of the Play Station obviously. Align the hook with the hole and put the stand screw in there and screw it in to firmly support the Play Station 5. Afterwards, you can stand your Play Station 5 vertically.

You can also stand the console horizontally and I am going to explain to you how to do that exactly. We put the screw in the storage compartment. Make sure you look for the hole where it would go. If you wanted to put it on the side, you basically put the stand at the bottom of the console.


Play Station 5 controller is a dual sense controller. All the buttons feels good. We have the play station button. There are the two joysticks. To be honest, I really like the form factor and the feel of the new Play Station 5 controller.


Central Processing Unit             (CPU)An AMD Zen 2 based CPU Core 8 at 3.5 GHz
GPU10.28 TFLOPs 36 CUs at 2.23GHz
GPU architectureCustom RDNA 2  
Optical driveUHD Blu- ray 4K drive  
Expandable storageNVMe SSD slot  
External StorageUSB HDD support  
Memory interface16GB GDDR6  
Memory bandwidth448GB/S  
IO throughput5.5GB/s while raw 8-9GB/s while compressed
Internal storage825GB SSD  



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