For a better understanding concept, you first have to understand that the functioning of the human body is actually controlled by the sunrise and sunset. It’s like it’s controlled by the sun or the moon. There are a lot of researches that proves the functioning of our body, the hormones, the glands, and the organs is all controlled by the sun and the moon. What happens is our body wakes up with the sun and once relaxed as it sets, so our food that we take should also go according to the sunrise and the sunset if you want to stay healthy and if you want your food to get fully digested.


You have to take your breakfast when the sun rises and your body is alert and ready to digest the food and the best time for this is 8 o’clock. This is because the sun has not risen to its max and it is like rising and so if you eat before or after, that will not be a good time. You have to eat at this time and you should not eat to fill your stomach. Specifically, I don’t go with the theory that breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day and this is because it will be very hard for our body to digest it and this undigested food that remains in the body for a long time inside the body are toxins which leads to diseases in the body for a long time.

  • LUNCH.

Lunch time should be when the sun is on its peak. Now this is the time that you should eat the heaviest meal but it should not be too heavy. Anything that is too much is not good for the health of the body. The good time to take your lunch should be 12:30- 1:30 pm. This is the time when the sunis at its peak and your destacar is very active. Also at this time, your organs such as the liver, gallbladder and stomach are very active and the body is ready to digest the food and your metabolism will be on the perfect way.


Dinner should be taken when the sun starts to set because if you eat after the sun sets, your body also sets off. Your body has worked all day and now it needs rest and that is why it sets off. The best time for you to take your dinner is 7:00 pm. If you eat after this, it will be an overload for your body and your body will not digest the food and it will remain in your body for the whole night which will cause toxins in your body and you clearly don’t want that. Have a three hour gap and sleep at 10:00 pm.In this way, your body will get time to digest and move it from the stomach to the intestine so that in the morning you have a clear stomach.

If you eat in these patterns, then your metabolisms will always be high. I would highly recommend it and try itfor seven days and you will see the changes impacted on your body.



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