A supplement safety net is basically a way to provide the body with just a bit more of nutrition assurance when it’s needed. In the life we live today as everyone is busy working to make ends meet and eating is taken healthy foods with nutrients is like a second priority. People are used to eating out and eating any foods they find in the cabinet or fridge.

This makes one not consume all the necessary nutrients required by the body hence supplements is the best option to get all the nutrients the body needs but one has to consult their medical care providers before indulging in supplement intake. Though a healthy diet is the best way to provide a safety net, we cannot ignore the vital role that supplements also provide in order to achieve optimum nutrient intake by the body. There are some nutrients that many usually under consume hence need for food supplements.

Types of healthy supplements that people lack.

  1. Choline supplements.

Choline is a supplement that works just as B vitamins in the body. It helps the body by providing energy through its role in metabolism. Choline is essential in infant and maternal health. A good number of people usually suffer from choline deficit with approximately 8% of expectant mothers meeting the required intake of choline. Choline has been linked with the development of a healthy memory and also improves retaining of knowledge by the brain. Adults require at least 450 mg of choline a day and women who are breast feeding need 550 mg or higher while the expectant women need 930 mg. Kids only require 125 to 375 mg a day.

  • Zinc.

Zinc is great component of numerous enzymes and is also a part in transcriptions in the cells all over the body. A deficit of zinc can diminish an individual’s immune capacity to mount a enough immune response to infections in the body. Zinc supplements have been shown in researches that it decreases the threat of acute respiratory infections by 35%, enhances the rate of recovery and reduces the duration of flu-like symptoms by 2 days.

  • Multivitamin supplements.

These are supplements that contain various vitamins and minerals while even some other ingredients. These supplements are usually advisable to be taken either once or twice a day but it is essential to check the commended dosage in the instruction on the cover of the supplement. Most of them help the body with enzyme reactions in the body. The different types of vitamins help in maintenance, reproduction, growth and also the control of body processes. Some of them may contain other ingredients like amino acids, fatty acids and herbs which are vital to the body.

  • Magnesium.

Most people usually have a low magnesium intake especially when they depend on diet alone. Though this type of nutrient deficiency is not common, it is important to consume them for good health. Magnesium deficit can lead to an increase in the risk of diseases like migraines and diabetes osteoporosis.

  • Calcium supplements.

One needs calcium in the body to help build and maintain the strength of the bones. It is also needed by the heart, nerves and muscles so that they function perfectly. One should know the amount of calcium their body needs and visit you’re your medical care provider before deciding on the type of supplements.

Various types of people that need health supplements.

  • Nutrients supplements are essential for those who are trying to get pregnant and also the pregnant women. This important to boost the level of getting pregnant and also help in the health of the mother and baby to the expectant mothers.
  • These are also important to the people on a strict vegetarian and vegan diet. This is because not all these nutrients can be consumed in the required quantity in a strict diet. There are some minerals iron and vitamin B12 that are found just about exclusively in products from animals.
  • It is also important to people with allergies and intolerance to certain foods ingredients like calcium found though lactose for those who are lactose intolerant.
  • People who suffer from some diseases that may need supplements at some stage of treatment.
  • Those people with a specific hormonal imbalance like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)



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