Sergio Aguero confronted Sean Macielis and then put her hands on her and pulled her back. This action blew up on social media. There were reactions from people all over the world. One lady said that it was the way Aguero touched the referee that made her uncomfortable and thought that it was definitely not okay for him to do that and a bit inappropriate for him to do that. Another lady said that Aguero’s action was unnecessary, patronizing and sexist because Macielis was an official.

Another lady said that she knew Macieles very well and that her self- management was excellent. She further added that the referee official would never overplay or underplay anything. The lady thereafter added that Aguero was being a little aggressive towards the official questioning her decision. The lady said that there was law in football where one is not supposed to touch the referees at all.

There were so many reactions from people but I have just mentioned a few of them. Aguero’s action was talked about a lot after the game. Alan Shearer said it was not a good look and Ian Wright said it was unnecessarily patronizing. The organization in charge of premier league referees said that they would take action against the Manchester City striker.

By the rules of the game, Aguero could have gotten a yellow card but Aguero avoiding the punishment is not the full story here because yellow cards and red cards are not what this story is about. The matter at hand is the way Aguero put his hand on a referee and pulled her back. Similar things happen every day to a lot of women and many feel like they can’t speak up because if they do they will be seen as weak or unqualified. We saw the same attitude in so many reactions to the incident.

Mercielis has been a pro for 12 years. The last time a thing like this happened to her was almost ten years ago and that was when Andy Gray and Richard Keyes got caught joking about if she knew the offside rule. Sean ought to be seen as an assistant referee and not a female.

What Aguero did was against the rules but that’s not why it is such an important thing to talk about. It is important to talk about because it represents a much bigger phenomenon. Aguero is not a bad guy but that doesn’t mean he can’t make mistakes.



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