Over the past years ACER B3-A30 Iconia One 10 brand has won over the hearts of many android users with a wide range of mobile phones which not only have good features that make the user enjoy using their mobile phone but also comes with a moderate price that an individual can afford. It is very normal at times for a user to experience technical issues with their ACER B3-A30 Iconia One 10 mobile phones and they end up wondering what to do to fix the problems without any success. But the most efficient way to solve most of these phone related problems is through hard reset. The most common reasons as to why one would hard reset their ACER B3-A30 Iconia One 10 mobile phone is to fix malfunctioning, maybe you forgot the password/pin/pattern to your ACER B3-A30 Iconia One 10 , to wipe all your data before you sell or hand over your ACER B3-A30 Iconia One 10 to someone else. That way people won’t know what you had in your phone.


  1. Switch on your mobile phone and navigate to setting icon. 

2. Go down and click “Backup & reset”.

3. Choose and tap “factory data reset” option.

4. Enter a pattern and proceed by tapping “yes erase everything”.

5. Congratulations you are through! Wait patiently for your mobile phone to restart and complete the remaining setup.


1. Switch off your mobile phone by pressing power key for a few seconds

2. After your phone is powered off, Press the power button plus volume up key at the same time.

3. Release only power button when the ACER logo pops up on the screen.

4. Press both power and volume up key simultaneously after the green android robot displays with a “no command” message and repeat a couple more times until android recovery menu displays on the screen.

5. Now use volume down key to highlight “wipe data/factory reset” or “more” and select using power key.

6. Use power key to accept “wipe data”.

7. Select “yes—–delete all data” or “yes” and agree using the power key.

8. Select “reboot system now “using power button.

9. Wait patiently for your ACER mobile phone to reboot and finish up the initial setup.

Watch the video below for more information:

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