If your SAMSUNG A8s mobile phone begins to undergo some problems and you are looking for various ways of how you can overcome the problems, then look no more for in this article I will guide you on various ways you can resolve the problems to your SAMSUNG A8s mobile phone through a hard reset process. Hard reset is the transformation of a mobile phone to its original manufacturer settings. That is, all the apps and everything that was not accompanied by the mobile phone is going to be permanently deleted if you have not backed them up. It is therefore important to back up your important information on Google drive or cloud in order for the user to recover them later on after the hard reset process is completed successfully. Some of the problems that your SAMSUNG A8s mobile phone could be undergoing are forgotten unlock passwords, software problems or the SAMSUNG A8s mobile phone runs very slow. Follow the appropriate procedures below to perform a hard reset on your Samsung mobile phone and fix the issues.


1.First thing needed to be done is to head to settings of your SAMSUNG A8s.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and click “System.”

3. Tap reset option.

4. Hit “Erase all data (factory data reset.”)

5. Accept that you want to erase data on your phone.

6. Enter your pattern and select “yes erase everything”.

7. Congratulations you are through! Wait your phone to restart



1. Tap on the settings icon of your mobile phone.

2. Scroll down and click on “General management”.

3. Tap on the “Reset” option.

4. Thereafter, select the “Factory data reset” option.

5. Tap on the “Delete all” option embedded on a blue bar.

6. Lastly, select the “Reset” option at the far bottom of your mobile phone.

7. Patiently wait for your mobile phone to reboot and finish up with the initial set up.


1.Using the power button, switch off your device

2. Hold on to the power plus home and volume up buttons all at the same time until the SAMSUNG phone’s logo appears.

3. After the SAMSUNG logo has appeared, just release the power button but keep on pressing the home + vol up buttons and only release them after the  green android robot has disappeared from your mobile phone’s screen and you are directed to the android recovery menu.

4. Select “factory reset/wipe data” by scrolling using the vol down button and press the power button to accept.

5. Tap vol down and choose “yes” and accept by pressing the power button.

6. Reboot your device by pressing the power button key and wait for your mobile phone to finish rebooting.

7. Congratulations!!! You have successfully done it


In this method two, you first need to force restart your mobile phone as you will notice that when you try to power off your mobile phone it asks for a pin/password. Take note that the process below might get you to try a couple of times before you succeed, so don’t give up but keep on trying. Connect your mobile phone to a charger before carrying out this procedure.

1.Hold vol down key plus power key all of them at the same time for not less than ten seconds until the screen turns off.

2. Thereafter, let go of both keys then quickly press the power key plus vol up key and do not let go of the keys until android recovery screen pops on your mobile phone’s screen.

3. Scroll down to the option where it says “wipe data/factory reset” and select it by pressing the power key.

4. Choose “Factory reset” and select the chosen option by using the power key.

5. Thereafter, scroll down and select “Clear cache partition” by tapping the power button.

6. Scroll down using the vol down key and select “yes” and tap on the power button to accept.

7. Now choose the option “reboot system now” by pressing the power key once.

8. You have successfully hard reset your SAMSUNG. Wait for your mobile phone to reboot.


  1. You will notice that if you try to power off or restart your SAMSUNG it does not correspond. I am going to show you how to bypass this but it may take you a few tries in order to accomplish it.

2. Press and hold the volume down button and the power key simultaneously for about thirteen seconds.

3. Release the volume down button only and immediately press and hold the vol up + Bixby + power key to get into the android recovery menu. Do not let go of the three buttons even if the Samsung logo appears on your screen.

4. Release the three buttons after your phone has entered recovery mode.

5. Use the volume down key to choose “wipe data/factory reset” and accept using the power key.

6. Thereafter select “yes” and press the power key to accept. Note that when you accept, all your data will be lost including pictures, apps and contacts.

7. Click the power key to select “reboot system now” and wait patiently for about ten minutes for your phone to reboot.

8. Congratulations!!! You have successfully hard reset your SAMSUNG.

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