Hard reset also known as factory reset is one of the best, easiest and reliable way of solving most software-related problems a user might come across on a device. Although it’s not advisable especially if your mobile phone device has important files e.g. photos, games, applications, audios, videos, documents and contacts because it wipes all personal data.

Factory reset is usually performed when a device is infected by virus or malware, hanging or phone slowing down or taking too long to reboot, installed faulty software disturbing phone’s usability, ran into problems after installing a system update, before selling it to someone, also incase a user forgets password like pin, pattern or fingerprint. After this method your HTC HD7 phone will be restored to its defaults, all unlock codes will be removed and it will be new as it comes from the manufacturer.

Before this operation of recovery or reset, ensure the device’s battery has a sufficient power and to backup all your data.

Here’s our complete guide showing the easiest and simplest ways about how to hard reset HTC HD7.


1.     Switch on your HTC HD7 mobile phone and navigate to setting icon.

2. Go down and click “Backup & reset”.

3. Choose and tap “factory data reset” option.

4. Enter a pattern and proceed by tapping “yes erase everything”.

5. Congratulations you are through! Wait patiently for your HTC HD7 mobile phone to restart and complete the remaining setup.



1. Switch off your HTC HD7 mobile phone by pressing Power key for a few seconds.

2. After your HTC HD7 phone is powered off, press the Power button plus Volume up key at the same time.

3. Release only Power button when the Phone’s logo pops up on the screen.

4. Press both Power and Volume up key simultaneously after the green android robot displays with a “no command” message and repeat a couple more times until android recovery menu displays on the screen.

5. Now use Volume down key to highlight “wipe data/factory reset” or “more” and select using Power key.

6. Use Power key to accept “wipe data”.

7. Select “yes—–delete all data” or “yes” and agree using the Power key.

8. Select “reboot system now “using Power button.

9. Wait patiently for your HTC HD7 mobile phone to reboot and finish up the initial setup.

Watch the video below for more information:

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