SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES. Distinguish between converging and diverging lenses. Define the principal axis, principal focus, focal length […]
Is a natural optical instrument whose ability to form images depends on the crystalline lens. 1). […]
SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES. Define photoelectric effect, work function, electron volts, ratioed frequency. Perform and describe simple experiment […]
Is a process by which an e.m.f is induced in a coil by changing current or […]
Specific objectives. State the source of mains electricity. Describe the transmission of electric power from generating […]
Specific objectives. State the difference between conductors, insulators and semi- conductors. Define intrinsic and extrinsic semi- […]
Are waves that do not require a material medium for their transmission. They are formed by […]
SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Perform and describe simple experiments to illustrate electromagnetic induction. State the factors affecting the […]
Specific objectives. Describe production of cathode rays. State the properties of cathode rays. Explain the functioning […]
If you are a seasoned homesteader or you want to begin your homesteading journey, below is […]
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