There is nothing better than having a well-stocked RV with all the best gadgets. Having the right gear onboard can make your trip more convenient and fun. I learned that to live the day-to-day life on the road, one has to have the right accessories.

RV gadgets can come in handy with every part of any camping experience. The gadgets make it easier to decorate the rig and create an unforgettable gourmet meal in the onboard kitchen. I have also highlighted some RV gadgets that help me clean and keep my rip at its best condition.

Having the right gear along for a ride can make a significant difference. Therefore, for those looking to take their next trip to the next level, this article can help you through.       

1.      Electric Griddle

The appliance uses an electric element for heat. It has a large cooking surface, which is of a non-stick material. The electric griddle has a ridge on the outside edge to catch juices and grease from the food cooking.

The appliance offers users a large cooking area that a stovetop cookware may not have. An electric griddle has an adjustable heat control that one can use for cooking or warming up food. Since I prefer conserving the propane in my RV, I use the electric griddle to cook several dishes at a go without wasting gas. I also use the appliance outside when I want to prepare a dish and enjoy the weather.

2.      Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table

The grill table is a strong and reliable furniture with several storage elements and aluminum tabletop. As described, it is a foldable table, which only holds the frame as well as the side tables. The table is also available with a carry bag that fits nicely inside to make it easy for the user to carry around.

The lower wire shelf provides enough space to store my utensils. The table also has several elements, including a paper towel holder and four hooks. Since it is portable, and the side tables offer plenty of working area, my family and I use them as dining tables. I find it easy to assemble the frame since it has clips on its underside where I just attach to the frame.          

3.      Screened Tent (or Pop Up Gazebo)

An instant shelter and sunshade that blocks around 86 percent of UV rays. The tent does not block the view and takes less time to set up. It meets the set quality standards and protects not only users from the scorching sun but also helps the campers stay cool and comfy.

I purchased the tent after realizing my family and I were having a hard time while camping in campsites with no shade and in areas infested with mosquitoes. After buying the tent, campsites with no shades became our favorite. It makes an enormous difference, and we no longer have to worry about mosquito biting. The tent also blocks rain if it is not heavy and cut down the breeze a bit when it is too windy.

4.      Walkie Talkie

This hand held two-way radio device with a push to talk button come in handy when the source of electricity of my RV is too low to charge my cell phone or when camping in areas where mobile phone signal is not stable.   

Sometimes, back when camping in a very remote area with a bunch of friends, I had a serious problem finding my way back to camp from fetching firewood for our bonfire. Fortunately, I had a walkie talkie device that helped me contact my friends for help and got to camp safely.

5.      Solo Stove Portable Campfire

It is a wide wood burning fire pit that manufacturers made using long-lasting premium grade steel. Manufacturers designed the pit for the most efficient fire. The solo stove portable campfire has a base that allows oxygen to flow and fuel the embers. It also has vent holes at the top to allow the heated oxygen to fuel the flames.

With this portable campfire, I do not have to worry about clearing away debris from the campfire that has been used before and gathering wood. The portable store helps eliminate the extra time and hassle during our camping adventure. It is easy to set up and works effectively.    

6.      Extended Mirrors (for side mirrors)

The side mirrors come in handy when towing a camper. The extended mirrors provide at least 200 feet to the rare, making it easy for the driver to monitor both the vehicle and what they are towing. In addition, most states in the U.S have laws that demand the use of extended mirrors when towing or certain visibility.

Without the extended mirrors, I noticed a few blind spots that made it difficult for me to see what is on the side or behind my vehicle. Driving with the blind spots was difficult and uncomfortable. However, after buying the extended side mirrors, I could clearly see every inch of my vehicle and drive confidently in various states.

7.      Wireless Backup Camera

Even with excellent driving skills, reversing an RV can be a challenge to most drivers. The side mirrors can help during this task, but some blind spots can make the task even more difficult since one may accidentally run into another motorist or vehicle. However, with a wireless backup camera, reversing gets easy and fun. The backup camera provides a clear picture of areas where your side mirror may miss. The camera also helps the driver get a view behind the RV of low spots to avoid obstacles.

8.      Instant Pot

This is the most popular multi-cooker brand with several functions, including slow cooking, pressure cooking, warming, rice cooking, and steaming. All that in one appliance, which helps users speeds up the cooking process. After a long day of driving, the appliance can make it simple to get a delicious and hearty meal on the table with minimal effort and in a brief period.

9.      Portable Toilet w/ Tent

An outdoor portable tent offers privacy and shelter while using the toilet. The most significant problem that most people who spend quality time outdoors camping or hiking in remote areas face is going to the bathroom. Some places can be difficult to find a private spot, while dangerous animals may inhabit some areas. Therefore, a privacy tent may come in handy. With the portable toilet with tent, I no longer have to worry about late night or early morning inconvenience no matter where my family and I are camping.   

10.  Retractable Laundry Line

The laundry lines are an excellent addition to your camper. It offers an extra space to hang wet hand washed clothing. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to throw in a backpack or suitcase when going for camping. The retractable laundry line is made using stainless steel. It allows the user to stretch out the line when necessary and put it away afterwards.

It comes with a special bracket that I use to attach to a wall for easy removal. It offers 49 feet of drying space when extended. I find it very easy to install.           

11.  Thermacell Products

These products effectively repel mosquitoes creating a safe environment to up to 15 feet radius. The thermalcell product is easy to use and stylish. The device looks great on any deck or patio in my RV while keeping mosquitoes away from bothering and biting my family.

Before I knew about thermacell products, I used sprays to keep away mosquitoes while camping. The scent affected our breathing, making it very difficult to enjoy our camping nights. However, when I learned about thermalcell products, our camping nights have been full of fun with no mosquitoes bothering and biting.

12.  RV Couch Coaster

This original and patented drink coaster holds all my favorite drinks securely on my sofa, whether hot or cold. Manufactures designed this essential tool to keep drinks next to you safely. I find it ideal for the entire family and suitable for bottles, mugs, cans, and tumblers.

The drink coaster work on various sizes and shapes of sofa arm. I simply place the tool over my arm, pour my drink and get comfortable. With the drink coaster, I do not have to worry about spillage while on the move or staining my clothes.

13.  Collapsible Ladder

The ladder comes in handy when I want to maintain my solar system on my RV or want to check the RV’s roof. The collapsible ladder occupies minimal space, and I find it very easy to lift. With the ladder, I do not have to worry about borrowing and lugging a bulky ladder from other RV owners around when I want to clean my RV’s roof.

14.  HitchSafe Key Vault

During outdoor activities, most people replace their cards, keys, among other valuables. However, with a HitchSafe Key Vault, one does not have to through the hassle of searching for the best place to store their valuables. The vault features all-metal construction for maximum security. It also allows one to change and set their combination anytime with 10,000 codes. The vault comes with a heavy-duty dust cover that protects and conceals the items stored in it.

  15. Wrap Around Step Rug

Manufacturers made the rug of looped PVC material, which dries fast and offers a cushioned. The rug is easy to clean. It is available with a TPE backing that helps keep the rug in the right position. The wrap around step rug is compatible with both manual and electric RV steps and adjusts to fit the RV’s steps with a depth of between 8 and 11 inches. Installing it is easy, I simply wrap the rag around the RV step. It comes with a hook and springs that help attach into the grommets that fits the step. The rug help keep the RV clean by cutting down the tracked it dirt and debris.

16.  Portable Camping Hammock

It is very compact for travel and more versatile and comfortable than the camping chairs. When going camping to a campsite that has no trees around, the portable camping hammock comes in handy. The hammock is of lightweight, weighing only 1 pound and folding it is easy. Manufacturers use stretch nylon material with triple stitching reinforcement at the seams. I find it very comfortable and keeps me off from earth crawling animals and bugs. It is also very easy to use, lasts for an extended period, and stylish. The portable camping hammock is suitable for camping and for those who enjoy hanging around the beach.

17.  Bike Hitch Rack

No camping is complete without cruising around the campground on bikes. However, when going camping, there is often no space to transport bikes in the RV. The best solution to this is not to leave the bikes behind but to carry them to the RV’s bumper, ladder, or hitch receiver. It is essential to get a bike hitch rack that is compatible with your RV. The hitch-mounted racks are available in 2, 3, and 4 bike designs. Also, the rack is comes in unique designs, whether hanging or platform rack styles. Most bike hitch rack is easy to use and install. I use one to transport my family bikes comfortably and safely. The bike hitch rack also protects the RV by preventing scratches and tangled components.

18.  Collapsible Trash Can

I find it more convenient and civilized to use the collapsible trash can than hanging a black trash bag on at the RV’s door. The collapsible trash can is portable, convenient, and lightweight. It has a zipper lid that helps keep flies and rodents away.

I have three for the RV. I use one for dirty laundry, one for soda cans, and one for trash. It is difficult to fill the collapsible trash can since they pop up, making it an easy storage that does not take much room.

19.  Frozen Drink Maker

Having a steady supply of ice in the RV is something downright luxurious. The frozen drink water helps cool soda drinks and makes iced coffee in the afternoon. Frozen drink water comes in handy when camping during hot summer.

20.  Micro Blender

It is compact to fit in the RV’s counters without losing power. I have one, which comes with a 1000 watts motor that provides me with freshly blended ingredients. The micro blender blends fruits, seeds, vegetables and whole ice cubes. It is available with containers that sometime I find convenient to drink from. I only twist the sealing lids and enjoy my nutritious recipe or concoction outside as I admire the view. The blender is easy to use and also to clean.

21.  Foldable Canvas Table

A foldable table is essential when camping, since it brings the comforts of home to the campsite. The tables are available in a sturdy aluminum or steel coated frame and a canvas material that folds up for compact carrying. The foldable canvas tables are easy to set up and carry. It may not be that strong to hold heavy items, but I find it continent for placing food, coffee, or any other lightweight items.

22.  Outdoor Camping Rug

It helps keep a substantial portion of dirt out of the RV. An outdoor camping rug acts as the first line of defense. It is less of a rug and more of a lightweight plastic mat. The rug is lightweight, making it useful quality since most campers get overloaded easily with heavy gear. With the outdoor camping rug, you can sweep dirt off it easily. Also, in case it gets rained on or gets into contact with water, it dries fast. I find it easy to clean after every camping trip. Ihose it off with some detergent and let it dry. The outdoor camping rug comes with a small bag, making it easy for one to store it after use or cleaning.

23.  Handheld Vacuum

RV’s have hard to reach areas that need frequent cleaning. Even with the most effective detergent, it’s difficult to clean these areas. However, with a handheld vacuum, I access all the dirt in confined areas easily. As the name suggests, the appliance is held in one hand. The handheld vacuum maneuverability is excellent, and its powerful vacuum efficiency makes it easy to clean an RV in less time. The appliance has the potential to clean walls, window blinds, and air vents. It is easy to use and store the unit.

24.  Folding Step Stool

It comes in handy when I need a boost of a few inches to reach the high storage cabinets in my RV. The folding step stool is of lightweight and occupies less space. Since I like storing most of my gear and tools on the top shelves, I use the step stool to access what I want easily. Before I knew about the folding step stool, I used bulkier, heavier stools that had more than one step. Transporting the stool was very unconvincing since it occupied more space. One step is all I have been looking for and this one folds flat, making it easy for me to store.

25.  Portable Meat Smoker

Being able to barbecue while on the move is more adventurous. Good time with family and friends enjoying great food creates splendid memories. A portable meat smoker has helped me create these memories for my family. Made of quality material, a portable meat smoker can last for an extended period. The smoker is easy to use. The grates, heat deflators, firepot, and drip pans are made of stainless steel, making it easy to clean the meat smoker. With the smoker, I can grill, bake, sear and dehydrate.      



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