Taking chances with your safety is not acceptable, especially when you can protect yourself from some of the most severe accidents from taking place. When riding your bike, it is essential to have the best BMX helmet to protect you in case of an accident. The helmet can help protect you from head or brain injuries and still have fun cycling. There are several cheap BMX helmets on the market, making it difficult to choose the best of them all.

Not only does a full face BMX helmet protect you from injuries, but it also has a reflective tape that warns nearby motorists of your presence. In this article, we have highlighted the best BMX bike helmets available on the market at a pocket friendly price.

Best BMX Helmets Reviews

With the wide range of helmets available on the market, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the best BMX bike helmets. Our team of experts took ample time to test the best BMX bike helmets before coming up with the list below. We conducted thorough research, performance comparison, feature analysis, field test, and re-evaluation on a wide range of highly rated helmets available on the market.     

We ensured to carry out several durability tests on the helmets by checking how much impact the helmets can withstand. We also inspected their design, color, comfort, graphics, aerodynamic features, and ergonomics.

We also reached out to other industry professionals and safety experts to have their insights. This was to ensure cyclists get the best helmets without spending beyond their budget and time trying to figure out the most reliable headgear.

MONATA Skateboard BMX Helmet

The helmet offers protection and unmatched lightweight comfort, making it the best BMX helmet. It provides a cyclist everything they require while riding their BMX bike. It offers confidence while riding on the streets.

·         Has a great and stylish design with unique graphics. It offers good looks that leave everyone passing by rolling their eyes.

·         Manufacturers of this helmet instructed it using inject molded ABS shell of high density.

·         It has a long-lasting outer shell with EPS interior lining. That helps in absorbing impact in case of an accident.

·         The helmet has 11 passive ventilation holes. The holes drive in fresh air and push out hot air to help you remain dry and cool even during summer.

·         It has a perfect fit system, which includes a wheel that one can access and adjust easily to a perfect fit. That ensures the user can adjust the helmet to fit their size and offer comfort.

In addition, the helmet is certified by the CPSC for safety standards. This safety headgear weigh weighs 420 grams.


·         Lasts long and has high-density EPS and ABS foam layers for protection

·         Its straps are easy to access and provide user with maximum security

·         Has a hard shell with 9 breathable air vents for cool and dry inner layers

·         Its lining is easy to remove and clean

·         Its microfiber lining has moisture-wicking feature that ensures extra comfort

·         Has a unique self-adjusting fit system with a cushioned chin, adjustable wheel, and secure buckle.


·         The quality of the strap may cause discomfort

Mongoose BMX Bike Helmet

If you are looking for a BMX helmet that is comfortable and offers maximum protection, the Mongoose BMX Bike Helmet is what you are searching for. With the headgear, you can mount a camera to record your BMX stunts as you cycle. The helmet is well constructed with an impressive design.  

·         It has 10 ventilation holes. This helps in keeping the user cool and dry as the holes drive in dry fresh air from outside and push out the wet and stench air.

·         The helmet has an adjustable dial that provides an adjustability of 360. That helps the user to adjust the headgear until it fits perfectly.

·         It is available in a wide range of colors. This helps a user pick the headgear that fits their option.

·         It has a comfortable padding. The padding helps in providing maximum protection and comfort.

·         Manufacturers use lightweight materials to make the helmet. That helps the user to move around with the headgear easily without causing fatigue.  


·         It has 10 air vents that offer optimal airflow during hot summer rides

·         The helmet is Astm certified for multi-sport use

·         The headgear has a tough outer shell that adds durability

·         Has unique colored designs to suit riders’ options


·         Does not have a visor

·         Its chin strap breaks easily.

TurboSke Skateboard BMX Helmet
Protecting yourself from head injuries when cycling your BMX bike is essential. Apart from protection, even cheap BMX helmets should offer comfort too. TurboSke Skateboard BMX Helmet offers its users both comfort and safety, making it the best BMX helmet.

·         The helmet has two strong layers. The layers inside the helmet offer more protection.

·         It also has eleven air channels. Manufacturers designed the ventilation to keep the user’s head cool and dry even after long hours of cycling.

·         The helmet is CPSC and CE certified. The helmet is fully compiled to ensure a user has a helmet that meets all safety standards.

·         The helmet’s size is adjustable. The headgear has a dial, which helps the user adjust a flexible ring that one can expand or close to fit perfectly.

·         Has a cushioned padding for extra protection. The cushion padding absorbs impacts in case of an accident.    


·         Has two safety layers, including ABS shell and EPS lining

·         It is a durable helmet and lightweight

·         The helmet’s straps ensure a perfect fit with the adjustable size dial and a flexible sizing ring.

·         Has 11 breathable air vents, which allow optimum airflow

·         For high visibility, the helmet is equipped with bright matte and smooth finishing


·         The straps may be a hassle when adjusting.

·         Not full face covered.

OutdoorMaster Skateboard BMX Helmet

Most people avoid wearing certain helmets since they are heavy and bulky. However, with OutdoorMaster skateboard helmet, you will not experience such issues. Manufacturers ensured the helmet is of lightweight and low-profile design to protect the user without getting in their way as well as making it easy to wear.

·         The headgear is CPSC certified and has a reinforced shell to ensure maximum protection. It can also absorb shock in case of head impact.

·         Manufacturers designed the helmet in a modern manner with a unique matte finish. This is to suit the options of various users.    

·         It is also available in a wide range of colors. This is to help users match the helmet with their BMX bike or any other protective gear.  

·         It has a removable lining. A user can easily clean the lining to ensure a fresh and odor-free headgear.

·         The helmet has 12 air vents. Manufacturers designed this to help users stay cool and dry, even after cycling for long hours under a scorching sun.

In addition, the helmet has double adjustment that manufacturers ensured it is well attached and can last long. The adjustable skin strap is skin friendly, the best fit to ensure users enjoy its comfort.


·         Has a thick EPS foam on the inside that is shock-absorbing

·         Has adjustable dial straps that last long and skin-friendly

·         Reinforced ABS outer shell that is impact-resistant

·         Has a cushioned chin pad to offer optimum comfort

·         Tested and certified by CPSC


·         Not suitable for motor sport

Bell Drop Youth BMX Bike Helmet
The list of the best BMX helmet is not complete without Bell Drop Youth BMX Bike Helmet. Manufacturers designed the helmet for BMX riders and dirty riding. It has specifications that give utmost protection and safety. With the helmet, you are sure of durability, reliability, and safety. One can use the helmet in competitions, simple street riding, and adventurous trips.

·         The helmet has tough and strong material. This is to make it last longer and make it rugged for the riders.

·         The materials used to make the helmet make it lightweight. That helps the user to stay relaxed at all times while riding.

·         The helmet comes with 14 vents. The vents enhance inflow of fresh air and outflow of hot air, keeping the user cool and dry during hot summer days.

·         It is available with an integrated visor. It helps the rider to stay safe and maximize the helmet’s protection.

·         It’s padding inside is comfortable and soft. It offers the rider maximum support and the comfort they require while riding a bike.    

·         The helmet also comes with an additional neck roll. This helps maximize the comfort levels to the user, allowing the rider to ride for hours with no stress.


·         Effective inflow and outflow of air

·         Padding is soft and comfortable and can be removed easily for cleaning

·         It is lightweight, making it easy for the user to carry around.

·         It comes with an integrated visor for maximum security.


·         Some riders claim that their hair sticks on the sticky parts of the padding

·         Some users report that the padding’s stick on is not reliable enough.    

Storm Adult Motocross BMX Helmet
The helmet is not only ideal for protection and comfort but also the best suit for riders looking for something stylish. The Storm Adult Motocross BMX Helmet is best for motocross and BMX riders. It comes with a cargo case that helps users pack the headgear and carry it around easily. It is one of the best cheap BMX helmets made to last longer.

·         It is available in numerous shields and colors. That makes it a perfect for riders who are searching for something specific.

·         The helmet’s padding is removable and washable. That makes it easy for a user to clean the helmet’s interior and do away with any odor accumulation.

·         It has a thermoplastic alloy shell that is of lightweight. The unique shell helps provide maximum security to the rider and still easy to carry without causing fatigue.

·         The helmet also has a heavy cushion. That provides a rider with maximum comfort while cycling.

·         The headgear is DOT approved. That assures the BMX rider of maximum protection that exceeds average standards.


·         It is lightweight and comes with a cargo case

·         It is DOT approved

·         Heavily cushioned for comfortable interior

·         Removable padding that can be easily cleaned

·         Has a beautiful glossy UV protective finish

·         Available in a wide range of colors to suit different users


·         It is not adjustable.  

Bell Servo Adult BMX Helmet
Most people avoid a full face helmet since it can get very hot. The helmet restricts the user’s face and head completely or either hot or humid days. However, manufacturers of the Bell Servo Adult BMX Helmet designed the headgear with full-coverage interior padding and other breathable materials to offer comfort and keep you cool and dry even during summer days. It is among cheap BMX helmets that offer maximum protection and comfort.  

·         The helmet has Kevlar or Fiberglass composite shell. This makes the headgear lightweight for a user to carry around.  

·         The helmet has X-Static XT2 liner. It helps in absorbing impact energy in case of an accident, ensuring less of it gets to your head.

·         It has an interior silver liner and contour-cut cheek pads that are removable, anti-microbial, and washable by hand. This makes it easy for a user to do away with odors.

·         Has effective ventilation system. The system helps keep the user cool and dry even after cycling for long hours.

·         Has a complete neck roll. It helps provide maximum protection when cycling your BMX bike.


·         Has a lot of ventilation to keep the user cool and dry after long hours of riding

·         Has a cool design

·         It fits perfectly and does not move around.

·         Young riders can also use the headgear

·         It is available at a friendly price


·         It is only available in one color and style, thus limiting user’s options.

·         It is difficult to tell accurate size because of the full inner padding around the face.  

WOW Youth Motocross BMX Helmet
It is one of the best BMX bike helmets that offers both protection and comfort. Manufacturers made the helmet using lightweight and long-lasting smooth alloy shell, considering it is among the cheap BMX helmets.

·         It is available in different sizes ranging from large, medium, and small sizes. This helps users find their perfect fit.

·         The helmet has a removable pad inside. It makes it easy for a user to clean and remove odors.

·         It has a sleek UV protective finish and cushion on the inside. This makes the helmet look attractive and classy as well as comfortable to youth.

·         Manufacturers made the helmet with lightweight materials. That makes it easy for the user to carry the headgear around and feels less heavy on the head.

·         It has an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell. The material makes the helmet last longer.


·         It is equipped with material that protects the rider UV rays.

·         The heavy cushioning on the interior makes the helmet comfortable.

·         The low cost of acquisition makes it affordable

·         Its padding on the interior is removable and washable

·         It has an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell.


·         Its chin strap breaks easily

SC Skateboard & BMX Bike Helmet

Most people prefer half-shell helmets since they are not claustrophobic. For those who find it difficult to breathe or feel cloistered, SC Skateboard and BMX Bike Helmet will help you relax and enjoy your ride. The helmet allows the user to enjoy direct sunlight and the breeze as they ride. Its features make most riders consider it as the best BMX helmet.    

·         Manufacturers used the skull cap design for this helmet. That helps the headgear to sit firm and comfortable on the user’s head like it was a second skin.

·         The helmet is of lightweight. That makes it easier to carry around and enjoy your ride since it feels less heavy.

·         The helmet is well ventilated with 8 air channels. The ventilation system helps a user enjoy the cooling effect while riding during summer days.

·         Manufacturers used advanced in-mold technology to build this helmet. This was to ensure the helmet provides maximum protection in the event of a crash for an extended period.

·         Its straps are wide and firm. This is to ensure the headgear holds firmly and comfortably.      


·         Made of lightweight material and the inner pad is breathable, making the helmet comfortable to wear.

·         Its lining pad absorbs sweat, it is removable and easy to clean and reuse.

·         Has an effective ventilation system that enhances a user’s riding experience.

·         It fits perfectly and comfortably.

·         The helmet is available in a wide range of attractive colors.


·         Its straps loosens after some time

·         It has no visor

Things to consider before buying a BMX Helmets

Picking the right BMX helmet is not a difficult task, especially if you know what to consider. You only need to consider the tips below before buying your helmet:

·         Size and fitting

Most riders end up buying the wrong size helmet, making it difficult to fit perfectly. Therefore, it is essential to note your size first before choosing the helmet. With the right size, the helmet will fit your face perfectly. It will also provide you with optimal protection.

·         Style

Consider the helmet’s color and style. Pick a color that matches with your surrounding or one that suits you well. Do not go for a BMX helmet with fewer ventilation openings or one with straps and buckles that does not match what you like.   

·         Get a certified helmet

When buying a full face BMX helmet, ensure it meets all the set safety standards. A helmet that meets CPSC and ASTM standards is strong and resistant to high impacts and shocks.

·         Ventilation

It is essential to note that not all helmets have similar ventilation design. A helmet with more air vents minimizes the chances of stuffiness and sweating.

·         Padding

Look for a helmet with removable inner padding that is easy to clean. That will help you minimize the chances of dampness and stench.

·         Straps

To pick a helmet with the right straps, consider its adjustment, fitting, and closure options. Also, check if you have enough wiggle room just in case you need less or more slack in the future. Consider the straps material to avoid dealing with discomfort and skin irritation.

·         Shell material

A helmet’s shell is the key component that protects you from direct impact. Most manufacturers use EPS material because it is the most reliable material as far as impact is concerned. Get a helmet with substantial density to protect you from any kind of impact.

Frequent Asked Questions

Are BMX helmets expensive?

Due to the additional safety measures that BMX helmets provide users, they can be a bit expensive compared to normal helmets. One should be able to get the headgear that fits their price range since they are available in a wide range.

Do I need a specific BMX helmet style?

That depends with the type of BMX riding you involve yourself in. If you take part in dirt jump, you require a certain BMX helmet to provide you with maximum protection. For instance, you may need a full-face helmet. However, if you take part in BMX racing, for example, you need to look for a lightweight helmet.

Is it necessary to measure my head before purchasing a BMX helmet?

Sports experts recommend that you measure the width, length, and depth of your head to get a helmet that fits perfectly. Failure to that, there are high chances of buying an ill-fitting helmet. It may not only be uncomfortable but also a safety hazard. If loose, the headgear may come off easily and can expose you to direct impact.           

Final verdict

With the above information, you can comfortably pick the best helmet from our list of top 9 BMX helmet in 2021. Do not let the fear of injuries limit you from trying new stunts or taking part in new sports.

All the above BMX helmets are reliable and provide riders with control stability while cycling. For the case of impact resistance and ventilation, the mentioned helmets are the best. They have air holes to drive in fresh air and remove stale air.

Manufacturers of these helmets use reliable lightweight materials such as comfortable padding and EPS material to provide users with excellent protection. The lightweight helmets make it easy for users to carry around.



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