Out of the Migos music group, people always thought that takeoff was the oldest member of the group as he often came off as very reserved and chill making him look like the uncle of the group. Takeoff is actually two years younger than both Quavo and Offset and Quavo is actually the uncle to Takeoff. Takeoff is 26 years old while Offset and Quavo are 28 and 29 respectively. Migos was formed back in 2012 and by then Takeoff was only 18 years old. In that sense takeoff is basically a veteran of the rap game.

  • 21 SAVAGE.

Most people thought of 21 Savage as a relatively straightforward rapper from Atlanta but actually he is from London, England. Back in 2019, if you can remember the situation where he was detained by the US immigration and custom enforcement then you can remember how shocking it was to learn about 21 Savage true origin story. 21 Savage is actually 27 years old which is way younger than his tattoo and persona would have led you to believe. 21 Savage rap career started in 2015, the year that he independently released his solo mix tapes.


NBA YOUNG BOY has been a relevant name in rap since he released 38 baby in 2016 but no one knew that he would reach the heights that he is right this day and he has successfully done it all even before the age of 21. NBA Youngboy is only but 20 years old making him one of the youngest rappers globally to reach such levels of success. He seems older than he is for how prolific he really is.


Malone is a rapper who has defied all odds. He burst into scene with his hit breaking record, white iversion when he was as young as 20 years old. He is currently one of the most listened to artist in the world. He not only climbed to the top of the rap game but also to the top of the music industry in general. Currently, Post Malone is 25 years old. People believe that he is older than he is due to his face tattoos. Regardless, this means that Malone has many years left for him at the top.


Chief Keef has been famous for about a decade now yet he recently just turned 25 this past August. It is hard to believe he is this young but it is mainly due to the fact that he blew up so young. During a breakfast club interview, Chief Keef said that he was 300 years old but he was actually 16 or 17 at the moment. Chief has accomplished a lot of success for such a young guy.

  • CARDI B.

Cardi B seems old than she actually is and is all thanks to her status as a mother but she is only 27 years old. Scrolling through her instagram and seeing her photos with her two- year old daughter might make you think that she is a bit older. She had her child with Offset back in 2018 when Cardi B was 25 years old. The young mother came out with “Bodak Yellow” when she was 24 years old. The Bronx raised rapper jumped to the top of the list with her album, invasion of privacy, in 2018.


If you are someone who was born in the late 2000s, it is possible that Soulja Boy was famous when you were a young child and when he is not that relevant anymore, it is surprising that he is only 30 years old. Soulja Boy’s music feels like an artifact of the past but it turns out that Soulja Boy also known as Young Draco had an early start. He was born in Chicago in 1990 which means that he was 17 years old when he released his first mix tape in 2007. There is still some hope for Soulja Boy as he is not as old as most people would really think.



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