A wrestler that was to become popular was born in 1985. The parents never knew he was to become a professional wrestler and, a great one at that. He gained the ring forename Drew McIntyre at the Raw. To prove he was meant to stay in wrestling and be the best, he won the World Wrestling Entertainment Champ title in his premier in the ring. Outside of the WWE, he used a different name. He used the name “Drew Galloway” which was his real name. This was in the early 2001 until 2007.

Being born as Andrew Galloway, he was raised at a place named Prestwick. He always wished to be a footballer while he was a kid and, later joined a football club for boys that was for the youths. At the age of ten his vision of his future life completely changed when he read a wrestling magazine which had unusual stories that he reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) through a letter. The FBI responded to him by sending a couple of files to him. After knowing that professional wrestling was a career he started his training at 15 years with the aim of being the best in that profession.

His training started in England. This was after his parents moved there and, he joined the FWA which was just a nearby Academy. He was trained by a promoter of wrestling, Richards together with James. His trainers were known for helping people with training. Drew made his first appearance in wrestling at BCW which is British Championship Wrestling. This was when he was seen in wrestling in the year 2003. This great wrestler was also trained by McKay and Spinner who also sharpened his skill farther in wrestling. These two trainers also gave him the name Thee Drew Galloway as his act in a wrestling match.

He did not rise easily to the top as his beginning was rocky. His debut match in a big platform that would put him in universal platform went sideways. This was after he was he was defeated by in Stu Natt “no blood, no sympathy: night 1”. Even though after that, he won the second fight as his first win wrestling he has received numerous defeats that reminds him to focus.

Drew was in the TNA where he showed his true potential in wrestling when he won the Total Nonstop Wrestling World Heavyweight Champ position. This made him have fans that have always been supportive of his every endeavor in wrestling competition. He is one of the best during his wrestling matches.  

Resolving to be one of the best wrestlers, he then came to WWE from the ICW for to make his mission clear of becoming one of the best in wrestling. He joined a brand while at WWE known as the development brand NXT. By joining this brand, again he proved to be a great by winning the NXT Champ. In a year after returning to the WWE, he won the tag team champ in 2018 alongside Ziggler.

Not letting anything in his way to become the best, he won the Royal Rumble Match. This was in 2020. This was a wrestler to be wearied about when it comes to standing in his way. He beat Lesnar for the WWE Champ place at the Wrestle Mania 36. This was a huge step for McIntyre as this also made him the Champion in Triple Crown. Drew made history as he is the UK born Scottish to win a WWE championship world title.

  Drew’s Achievements.

  1. He has a WWE World Champ Title.
  2. Earned an Inter-Continental Champ.
  3. He has 2 WWE Raw tag team championships.
  4. Earned a TNA World Heavyweight Champ as a young wrestler.
  5. Owned the ICW World Heavyweight Champion twice.
  6. He won the Evolve Tag Team Champion twice.

Drew is one of the wrestlers that can be described as resilient in life judging from his wrestling career. He was a wrestler in ICW but also wanted to venture into WWE and being the best which he did by being patient. He won over the Irish Champion and also defended the title. He is someone who should be admired as he waited for his time to reign and, not rushing anything. His determination was one to be envied. He showed this when he started training at the age of 15 while the rest of his peers were busy making sure they were the cool kids in school. This is one of the wrestlers that will forever have a mark at the wrestling universe.



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