We closed school for the August holiday late July. I was very excited because I knew I would have a lot of fun and wake up late. I knew too I would visit wonderful and beautiful places. Watch cartoon, sleep comfortably and enjoy many varied activities.

          For my holiday I went to my uncle’s place in Naromuru, Nyeri   County where I spent a week and five days. On arrival my cousins were very happy to see me. The following Saturday my uncle arranged to take us to the world famous Mt.Kenya for sightseeing.

          The journey to the mountain was full of good moments with my cousins and I talking about life. In school as well as enjoying seeing various animals in Mt Kenya National park. Arriving our destination, our tour guide was Miss Tabasamu.

          She was short, palm and beautiful. She had an aquiline nose, prominent forehead and hazel brown eyes which radiated warmth. Still, she was cautious and warned us against touching anything insisting that most of the plants were poisonous. My cousins were in total boredom. The made it so obvious by feigning yawns.

          After an exciting long spell of sightseeing, Tabasamu have us a speech on the importance of promoting domestic tourism. You could see how my cousins and their friends who accompanied us behaved as if she was communicating in a foreign language.”You good for nothing children. I am sacrificing my time while you take me for granted. I hate this disgusting job.” She shouted while walking away.

          Taken back, we glanced at each other in total bewilderment. I thought she was a warm hearted person but she had openly shown us her true color. After this nasty experience, we gloomily went back to my uncles car where the driver was waiting. There was an eerie silence in the car.

          Suddenly I heard an explosion. Our tyres had been shot at. My heart was in my mouth. Most of us were floating in a miasma of confusion. You could see fear in everyone’s faces.

          Seconds later two gigantic men emerged from the nearby thicket. One, stout, tall man with an ugly face and cold lioness eyes that could make you wet your pants and the mother, a lanky one who looked like a walking advertisement of how unhealthy eating could ruin you.

          “We shall finish you!” the lanky one shouted in a guttural voice. No sooner had he said this that our driver a trained soldier started throwing karate chops at them. We looked at him in disbelief and burst out in laughter. Always I give credence to the old adage that says do not judge a book by its cover.

At the end the ruffians gave in. I could hear the murmur that we were insane. We went back home happy having seeing the beautiful snow-capped Mt Kenya and friendly animals of Mt Kenya national park.        



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