When we arrived at school that morning, two women and a man were talking to the head teacher beside a car parked outside the office. When the car left, the head teacher announced that our school had been nominated the cleanest in the country. The county director of education would be sponsoring a school trip the following Saturday. Our faces were radiated with joy. Our hearts melted with joy like butter exposed to heat. The prefects were asked to remain as the other students went to their respective classrooms. We were told to make sure that every student wore their best uniform and everyone went. It was tough making sure everybody was in class ready to hear the instructions for the trip.

          In a jiffy, we rushed to all classrooms and told everyone that they had to select a song which would entertain the County Director of Education. Everyone seemed to be ready and alert as a mouse trap.

          As I was walking to the staffroom to talk to the head teacher, I saw a man who had a completely bald head. He also had a bulbous nose and protuberant stomach. “Young lass, would you mind helping me carry this luggage to that end?” he asked in a soft and cordial voice. “Yes please,” I replied politely.

          In a split of a second, a posh Mercedes Benz was driven beside me and suddenly came to a halt. In a fraction of a second, the window rolled down and a man who chauffeured signaled me to move closer. The fellow yanked the door open and forced me into the car. The other man came to defend me but was given a superdelic blow which sent him sprawling and kissing the innocent floor. Blood came out in jets.

          The interior had elegant seats upholstered, with all leather covers and all first class trimmings you can expect in a Mercedes-C-class. I let out a stentorian scream which cut through the air like knife in butter. He hit my chubby cheeks with his heavy fists. My face swelled like buds forming from yams. Torrential tears streamed down my chubby cheeks like a river which had broken its banks. My heart skipped a mighty beat as frigid sweat trickled down my face and armpits.

          In a flutter of an eyelid, we heard the police siren. Great hope glowed in my heart. The man moved the vehicle with an astonishing velocity. In front of us, was a wall. He was now between Scylla and charybdis. Sweat formed and rolled his rosy cheeks. The police came and opened the door. I was shocked to the roots of my existence when I saw my aunt. She gave him a mouthful. She told him that I was the lost daughter. Pangs of sadness surged through me. He was apprehended and I was taken back to school. Truly all is well that ends well.



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