Welcome to Albasruz3d.com where you will find everything you need to search for. In today’s article, we will be going to discuss about the best superhero games. Let us go ahead and showcase them.


In this game you are the hulk and as we all know, the only thing that the Hulk wants is to smash. This massive game lets you charge and batter your way through New York City with an awesome feeling of momentum. It is easy to build up momentum when you can straight right through anything that gets on your way may it be traffic, giant helicopters or even giant robots and if you run out of things to smash just hop on to another town to get new things to smash. The action just never stops.

SPIDERMAN 2 (2004).

The video adaptation of this game is legendary for showing the rest of the world to do a superhero game right. The game pioneered the open world format as a way to recreate the feeling of a whole city needing your help and also made travelling around it fun. The game also has side missions that challenge you to showcase your web swinging skills. Spiderman defines superhero adaptations for years to come.


The game started out  a lot like GTA then things got weird. In this game you play as a former gang leader and a newly elected president who finds themselves uploaded into a matrix style simulation after an alien invasion. The superhero powers comes after inserting some cheat codes where you can outrun sports cars, throw energy blasts from your hands and even leave tall buildings in a single bounce. You also get to use crazy weapons like black hole launchers and dub step guns.


In this game, you are handed a batmobile to explore the city of Gotham to fight crimes. Arkham night expands on the sleuth and slag game play of its predecessors with a more enhanced graphics and a host of supporting characters from the beloved nightwing to the batman.

 INFAMOUS 2 (2011).

If there was a prize for the game with the coolest original powers, Infamous game could have definitely won it. Sucker punch built their powers from scratch rather than handing you control of an existing superhero. From all the electrical powers, the game added ice and if you are willing to change sides and become a villain fire powers are in the list. The game really shines in a way you can use Kohl’s powers to navigate the urban environment.



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