If Epson L382 printer displays an error message “the printers ink pad is at the end of the service” and has a red light blinking error, then you need to download and reset the printer waste ink pads counter with WIC Reset Utility Tool or Adjustment Program.

How To Reset Epson L382 Using Adjustment Program Full Crack

  1. Turn on the printer then connect its USB cable
  2. Download the rar Epson L382 resetter file.
  3. Then turn off the PC antivirus protection .
  4. Extract the Epson L382 Resetter program file.
  5. Click on ‘Adjprog-esk.exe’ file to run this program.
  6. When the software open, ‘Select’ to choose the printer (Epson L382)from the drop-down list.
  7. Select ‘EURO’ in the destination drop-down list and click ‘OK’.
  8. Proceed and click ‘Particular adjustment mode’.
  9. In the window select ‘Waste ink pad counter’ then click ‘OK’.
  10. Now select the  ‘Main pad counter’ and ‘Platen pad counter’ check boxes.
  11. Then click on ‘Initialize’.
  12. Click ‘OK’.
  13. Then click ‘Finish’.
  14. Turn off the printer and then turn it on.



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