It was both a happy and sad moment for me because I was going to join a secondary school of my dreams. I had already packed all my belongings into my suitcase and loaded them into my mother’s vehicle. I bid farewell to my brothers and sisters. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and the pain I felt leaving my siblings was too much for me to handle.      

Our car drove out of our compound which was clean as always. I knew I would never meet my friends again nor would I see my siblings again but I knew I would make new friends. After driving for about five hours we reached the school of my dreams. Alliance High School. The watchman opened the gate for us and my mother drove in.

I got out of the car took my suitcase and held it tenaciously in my left hand. I was very proud of myself as I walked through the corridors. I had prepared myself for eight years and through those eight years life was not that easy communicating with the teachers and asking then questions had made me pass my examinations with flying colors.

When we reached the headmasters office we knocked at the door. After our incessant rapping he welcomed us into his office. His office was huge. Pictures hanged on the whitewashed walls and the floor was very well polished. He told us to have a seat and after exchanging pleasantries the matron came into the office to inspect whether I had everything. The matron was a short robust man whose stomach hang between his knees. He removed all my clothing and after inspecting I had to arrange my suitcase all over again. I was not sure whether I was going to like that school because I could see pupils peeping through headmaster’s window and showing me signs of threats. I had earlier on heard about monolization but I had not expected that to happen to me.

I tried to tell my mother but she was busy looking at her watch because she was late for work. When the headmaster assured me all was well I was escorted to the dormitory. The dormitory was horrible. Paint had been scrapped off the walls. The matron an I walked through the dormitory and when he spotted an empty bed, he told me that would be my bed. I hugged my mother and waved her goodbye as she walked out of the dormitory.

Tears began welling up my eyes because I did not know when I would see my mother again. When the matron left, several boys scurried to my bed. They all shook my hands aimlessly and introduced themselves by name. When they spotted my suitcase they opened it at once and began taking whatever they wanted.

Now I knew what the meaning of monolization was. They left me with few items which would not last me a week. I sat quietly on my bed still shocked from the ordeal which had just happened. I knew that my life in that secondary school would be as miserable as I thought it would be.Knowing better not to cry, I wiped the tears from my eyes. Truly every do has its day.



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