Today’s home workout is going to be working into your flat stomach and larger hips. No equipment needed, if you do this every day for 14 days or rather 2 weeks, you are going to obtain the results that you are looking for and that obviously is a flat tummy and well, rounded hips.


Lay down on your side, make sure your arm is out and start off with either of your leg as far forward as you can, toe down, and heel up. You are going to draw a big circle with your leg, then straight into a crunch. So its circle, then crunch. Try to keep the toe pointed downwards and heel up. Keep your leg up and pump it there. You will feel the outer hip burn. You can do this exercise in one minute. Draw the big circle with the 1st 30 seconds and the remaining 30 seconds you can use to pump adding it together to make up a whole minute. Repeat this for the other side.


Lie flat on your back, knees up and shoulder and arms flat. Lift up the middle section of your body without the head coming off the floor and maintain that position for 3 seconds and then come back down to the starting position. Repeat this process 30 times.


Stage your body in a plank position, feet and elbows about shoulder- width apart. Make sure your hips don’t go up too high or go down too low. Just go dip over to the sides getting as low as you can to the ground. Repeat this 30 times. Make sure those hips remain straight and don’t come up too high or drop too low.


Once again place yourself in a plank position. Keep your feet and elbows shoulder- width apart. Try to bring your knee to your elbow and back to the starting position. Do this for the other knee and go for 30 times. Keep that core extra tight.


Lad down flat on your back with your feet together and arms straight to the ground. Go ahead and lift your legs up at an angle of 90° and back down. When you are bringing your legs down make sure you are lowering then down slowly and your back does not arch as it should be flat at all times. Repeat this 20 times.



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