Everyone  inside  the  school  was  quiet,  then  the  head teacher  stood  up.  His eyes watching over us, then settled on mine. I did not know whether it was intended or if it was a coincidence .We were gathered in the main school hall. Unlike other Fridays when we would just stand. On this day workers had arranged the chairs for everyone. This surprised me but because I had arrived just on time I could not ask anybody why it was so. He reached into his left trouser pocket and pulled out a neatly folded piece of paper, looked at us again, perhaps waiting for silence. When he got it, he cleared his throat and said, “You must be wondering why the hall has seats on a Friday morning. Well, stop wondering, I’m the one who instructed the workers to bring chairs. I have always noted that sometimes I talk too much on Friday mornings and some weak bodies here feel dizzy and finally faint. To avoid that I have decided that every Friday morning, the assemblies will be held while all of us are seated. Is that okay with you?” he asked his Adam’s apple bobbling up and down. We chorused the answer in the affirmative. 7 he headmasters was a shot fat man whose thick body comfortably carried his hanging stomach, He was very strict but we liked him. On this Friday, he was immaculately dressed in a blue suit and black shoes to match. I wondered what he was up to. When I looked in front at him, he was just adjusting his spectacle then he said.

“I hate it that I’m always talking about bad things, When shall I ever stand before you to say something positive? Today one of you has done something awful, something very bad. Where is Janice? Come here, right in front, and look at this girl. Surely appearances can be deceptive, when one looks at this girl she looks very innocent, besides, she’s a class prefect. Look at you. How could you of all the people go home and tell your mother that the French teacher called you ‘Mpumbavu.’ What did you want your parents, to do to the French teacher? You liar. What example is this to the others? Your mother called me yesterday evening breathing fire. Why should you, peddle lies and erode the relationship between your parents and your teachers? How free will they be while teaching you? I want every child to know that telling lies to your elders is wrong.” The head teacher paused and looked at the pupils and then at me. He was enraged that his red eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets, His heart beat rapidly and he shook with annoyance. I avoided looking his direction but I could feel his eyes watching over me with extreme hatred as I went in front. I felt so sorry that I was the cause of the bead teacher’s annoyance; it was true i had told my mother. I knew it was not true but I had failed in my French test and I was looking for sympathy from my mother. Nevertheless’, I then realized I had only moved from frying pan and into the fire. I knew I had to tell the head teacher the truth, for it is only truth, will save me. ”

“From today on she is no longer a prefect. Her class teacher will appoint someone else. I think you have heard me, now, since we have prayed, I will release the rest of the school to go, but Janice1 will learn this morning what it takes to lie. No teacher will teach you until you write apology letters to all the teachers and to your parents. I will then ask Mrs. Kuio the counselor to talk to her. Nobody is allowed to befriend her until we are convinced that she has changed her bad habits,” said Mr. Majiuri the head teacher; his voice growing faint.

He released the rest of the school and as they went to their respective classes in a file, I trot behind the head teacher to his office in brooding silence. I wanted to tell him that I was sorry and tl I was ready to do whatever punishment he would give but my throat was as dry as a bone I swore to open a new leaf in my life since experience is the best teacher.



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