Today we are going to learn about some of the foods that bring about heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer in the world and the foods that we take play a great role in our hearts.

  1. PIZZA.

The cheese present in pizza increases bad cholesterol which leads to heart problems. High cholesterol leads to development of fatty deposits and eventually when these deposits grow, it is difficult for enough blood to flow through the arteries.


French fries are not only dangerous to the heart but also the whole body. The carbohydrates and salt present in it leads to heart problems. Since fried foods are cooked in oil and under high temperatures they contain Trans fats that leads to many diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity.


Deep fried chicken reduces the nutrition value of it. It is recommended to grill the chicken instead of deep frying for its nutritional value.


Soda contains lots of sugar that leads to heart diseases. Research shows that people who drink soda are associated with a death risk from heart diseases. It is advisable to try and drink fresh fruit juices instead of sodas.


Ice cream is pack with more cholesterol to damage your heart. Eating ice cream isharmful to the whole body. Ice cream is high in saturated fats and these fats leads to weight gain. Furthermore these fats can lead to a heart attack by driving up your triglycerides.


Butter is made up of fats that clog your arteries and when arteries are clogged it is difficult for blood to flow through your heart. This might lead to heart problems such as stroke and even worse, death. It is better to use heart friendly foods such as olive oil in order to protect your heart.

  • BACON.

Bacon is high in salt, bad cholesterol and preservatives. This all leads to heart diseases easily the calories in bacon originate from saturated fat which can raise bad cholesterol which in turn can lead to a heart attack or stroke.


Refined grains refer to white rice, pasta and white bread. Refined grains can make you easily obese and that leads to heart diseases.



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