A folder is a set that one can store their files which they want to access easily and conveniently from music, pictures, documents, videos and also subfolders.  A folder can also be created even if nothing is stored in it as one can use it in future to put their content in it. Many usually think a folder is the same as a library but that is not the case. This is because a library is a virtual compilation of already existing files and folders while Folders in any device has their own space physically where one can double tap on them to access its content.

Folders are mainly needed when one wants to organize their files in a manner that they may access them quickly when need be. Folders are usually advisable when one wants to differentiate different things in a laptop such as pictures, videos, documents, movies and many other things for quick access when one wants to search for something specific. This can also be seen in the computer system where Windows separates folders for different user accounts on your computer. This is to ensure that files and settings are not mixed up on the device as this can confuse the users.

When creating different folders, one is advised not re-use folder names, as this can be confusing even if for example one uses the name work documents for 5 different documents at work, it will be named work documents1, 2 .., and so on.  This can steal confuse especially when there is a work document folder you are looking for and there are maybe 20 of them. One should also make sure that each folder is given a name that one can remember easily and unique from the others when they want to access them. One is usually deterred from using the word “new” when creating a folder with the that word as it may one day become troublesome as “new folder” is a name given first as an option when one creates a new folder. This will make searching for the folder a bit difficult especially when in a hurry.

How to create a New Folder in a laptop.

  1. One should first look for the place in the computer system where they want to create the new folder or in a space at the desktop where you would like to create the new folder. The desktop is usually the home screen of the laptop. One can create a folder anywhere they wish in their laptop. One can tap on the Start menu and on the task bar type “File explorer” then click on the first option on the menu which is “File Explorer”. One can then choose the folder they want to open from the left side plane on the screen.
  2. One should then proceed by clicking the right button on their mouse on a blank space. This is a very important step as one should not click on a folder or a file as it will bring the wrong menu. This will open a drop down menu options where one should select New Folder on the toolbar that will be on your screen.
  3. One should the tap on “New” which is the button almost at the bottom of the drop down options which will then have another menu that will pop out.
  4. One should then select “Folder” which is at top of the menu that has just popped out.
  5. One should then look for a unique name that he can easily remember and type it in the place for putting the name of the folder. Failure to type in a name, will make the folder be saved as “New Folder” which is not advisable as stated before. One should then press “Enter”. The click of Enter will create a folder that will have the name that you preferred.

How to manage folders in your laptop.

The File Explorer enables on to manage their folders in the event where they want to move, create, copy and delete files or subfolders in their laptop. When these files and subfolders are put in different folders it allows one to access them conveniently and easily where one wants to view them, move them or even delete them.

One should have the root folder in order to create in order to create the Folder using the File Explorer. The root folder is the document, pictures, videos, movies, music and any other thing that they want to put in the folder for easy and convenient access when they need them for any purpose.

Folders are important as one can move files from folder to folder easily. In the event where the folders are close to each other one can right click on the file they want to move and not let them go. They should then drag them to the folder they want. In the event where the folders are in different places in the system, one can left click on the file and click on cut or copy depending on whether they want to move it completely to a different folder where you choose cut or move it but leave a copy of the file on the previous folder where you choose copy. One should then choose between either of the two and go to the folder you want to move them to and left click then select “Paste” to put the file in the folder.



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