This is a Google account that is offered free of charge by Google to use in sending and receiving electronic mail. It was launched by Google in the year 2004 when it was an essential product that had demand in order to communicate with anyone on the globe. At that time one could acquire an account only through invitation by someone who already had an account. During this time, the storage spaces were 1GB and as the space of storage developed, the connection of the account with applications also grew.

Why use a Gmail Account.

  1. Gmail has a lot of storage space for the user to store data. This enables the user to store important information in the account without the fear of the data being lost. The user is also given the privilege to purchase more space if need be.
  2. Gmail account usually has fewer spams compared to other electronic mails. It blocks spams from other sites before it gets its way to your inbox.
  3. It enables one to search within its inbox to get a specific message the user wants.It searches for a message instantly to get the precise message one is looking for.
  4. One is able to view their messages in context. Since the account groups the messages, one is able to view their conversation with a particular person.
  5. One is able to communicate with anyone on this planet through Gmail at the comfort of their own home or anywhere they wish. Gmail also enables one to communicate through video calls and also voice chats. This enables the account holder to connect on a personal level with the recipient of the message.
  6. Gmail account is able to securely store personal information as it has the PIM(Personal Information Manager) used to store a specific calendar, tasks to be carried out and also the to do list.
  7. Gmail also has some tools to carry out some special tasks. The tasks include Word processing, use of slides, use of spreadsheets and also provide room for drawing.

How to create a Gmail Account.

For one to have a Gmail address , one needs to have a Google account where you will be directed to sign up for the Google account. One will be required to provide some information such as date of birth, name, location and gender. The one who intends to create a Gmail account must give a name he or she wishes to be their Gmail address.

  1. One is to go to the Gmail website which is through the internet browser and have an internet connection in order to access the browser. One can access the internet though the phone or laptop with a Wi-Fi connection and anywhere one can get internet connection.
  2. The owner should then click on the “create an Account” button. Then one will be required to enter all the necessary information needed to open the account. One is required to enter their official names and choose their email name.

The one who is opening the account should choose the email name wisely as this account will be used in different platforms including working places if need be. So one should take time to choose a name that can represent him or her in different places.

  • A password should be chosen which is secure so as to prevent anyone from accessing the account without permission since this is a personal account. One should take time to create a password since it acts as the security of the account and also one will need to remember it in order to access the account.

Security of the account is very important since anyone who gets the password can use the account for the wrong purposes which can make the account holder end up in trouble with his contacts or with the law if it is used to dupe people financially.

  • A security question will be needed in order to protect the account in case you forget the password or someone tries to hack into your account. The questions will be provided in the drop down list or one can provide their own security question which is more advisable and provide the answer.
  • After one provide their secondary email address which is by choice; one can provide or leave it void. Then one is required to put in the characters in the picture that one will be shown. This is to satisfy that the one opening the account is a person and not a program or robot which is automated by someone.
  • One is then directed to activate the newly opened account.

Gmail account is an important aspect of life in business as one can communicate with anyone in this world with an account and also in personal life to be connected with friends and family.



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