Benefits of Pilates moves.

  1. Pilates moves increases flexibilityPilates works the muscles in their fullest capacity hence this enhances flexibility of the body. Pilate’s moves main center of attention is the muscles as they help the muscles relax making the body more flexible.
  2. Improves the posture of the body Pilates is mainly about connecting the muscles and relaxing that enabling the body to have good posture. This is important because it helps one understand their body hence having a better posture.
  3. Promotes better balance of the body- In every Pilate move, the important part of the move is the balance of the body. In every move one get to know the centre of the body and also muscle get aligned correctly thus increasing the balance of the body.
  4. Increases one’s performance in other various workoutsOne who does Pilates moves on a regular basis is more equipped to have good performance in other workouts. This is because Pilate makes one aware of their body and one can easily do other postural movement patterns.
  5. Pilate moves helps reduce back painsAll Pilate movements always decompress the spine. This is important as sometimes one’s spine is compressed all day. The postures usually help with lower back support and hip stability.

12 Essential classic Pilate moves.

  1. There is the Leg circle.

One should lie on the floor while facing up with the arms by your side with the palms down on the floor. You should then bend your left knee and put your left foot flat on the floor. You should then lengthen your right leg up and make it at right angle with the floor. You should then circle the right leg outwards down to the floor return the right leg to the starting point and one try and make the circle as big as possible while back is still on the floor. You should then reverse the circle and do the same with the left leg.

  • There is The One Hundred.

On should lie down with their face up and lift their legs up to the ceiling. You should then lower the legs halfway so as to make an angle. One should then bend their head up while reaching their arms long together with the body with their palms down. One should then pump their arms up and down as you inhale and exhale for 5 counts each. One should then repeat this breathing pattern 10 in the same position.

  • There is Single Leg Stretch.

One should lie down face up and take both knees towards your chest. You should then put your hands on their shins and bend their head up off the ground. One should then extend their leg out at a time while interchanging sides. You should keep the lower back on the floor and keep your core engaged all through the exercise.

  • Criss-Cross move.

One should lie down with their face up and take the knees in toward the chest. One should then put their hands on the back of their head and opening the elbow wide. One should then bend their head up. One should then bring their left shoulder toward the right knee while extending the left leg. One should then do the same with the right shoulder by bringing it toward the left knee while extending the right legs. One should keep on interchanging sides.

  • Double leg stretch.

One should lie down with their face up and bring both knees toward your chest then bend your head up and put your hands on your knees. One should then lengthen their legs out in front as you reach both arms above your head. You should strive to get your legs as straight as possible as the lower back is still on the floor. Circle the arms out and around back to your knees while pulling your knees back toward the chest.

  • Scissor Kick.

Lie down while facing up and lengthen your legs upwards to make it at right angles with the floor. Put your hands behind your right leg and pull it in toward your face and curl your head upwards. You should lift your leg a few inches off the floor. Switch your legs and pull your left leg toward your face and let your left leg hover a few inches off the floor. One should keep on interchanging your legs.

  • There is the Pendulum.

Lie down facing up and extend your arms out to your sides. One should then bend their knees over the hips and lift your feet off the floor. You should then move both knees to the right while the lower back is still on the floor. Return both knees to the starting point the move them to the left side and one should doing the exercise back and forth.

  • Plank leg lift.

One should start at a high plank and ensuring your hands are directly under your shoulders. One should then lift one leg at a time off the floor as high as one possibly can but one should not pass the shoulder height. One should alternate the legs and make sure that the core, quads and butt is engage during all through this exercise. This is to ensure one does not rock their hips.

  • There is the Plank Rock.

One should start in a high plank with both hands directly below your shoulders. One should then move their whole body a couple of inches forward toward their hands and then backwards toward their heels. One should remember to keep their butt, core and quads engaged all through.

  1. Hip dip.

One should start in a side plank with the right hand directly below your right shoulder with the left foot on top on the right one. One should then dip their hips toward the ground and then lift the back to the starting point. One should repeat this at least times before changing sides

  1. The Slow Motion Mountain Climb.

One should start with a high plank with the hands directly below your shoulders. Bring one knee toward your chest at a time. One should keep their quads, butt and core engaged all through this exercise.

  1. Teaser.

One should lie down facing up and bend their hips while lifting their feet off the floor. Lengthen your legs as you reach your arms toward your feet while lifting your shoulders and head off the mat. During this exercise, one should create a V-shaped posture with their legs and upper body. You should then hold for at least 5 breaths and then roll onto you back bend your knees all over again.



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