Healthy exercises are very beautiful to everyone including pregnant women. Pregnant women usually benefit women physically and mentally during their pregnancy. Exercises for pregnant women also give children a healthy start in life since when a mother is healthy and energetic it has positive impact on the baby. A pregnant woman does not have to be very tiresome and lengthy. Pregnant women require an exercise of 15 to 30 minutes depending on the trimester of the woman.

Advantages of Healthy exercises for pregnant women

  1. Pregnancy complications are reduced- Studies have shown that pregnant women who exercise during their pregnancy period are less probable to get complications like cesarean section which one did not expect and gestational diabetes than the ones who failed to exercise. Healthy exercises help women avoid getting undeveloped babies and greatly reduce the chances of baby-mother complications.
  2. Helps to quicken the recovery of the mother after delivering- Exercises helps the mother to physically recover faster after delivering compared to the mothers who did not exercise. This enables them to regain strength faster and return to their normal daily activities they did before.
  3. Exercises helps enhance the mood of a pregnant woman- During pregnancy, women have a tough time at times hence can get depressed at any point. Exercises help them to boost up their mood. This can be proven by studies a showing that in every two pregnant women, one is always reported to have anxiety or depression. Doing healthy exercises helps in release of endorphins thus improve the mood of pregnant women.
  4. Helps in keeping the blood pressure of pregnant women low- During pregnancy occasionally blood pressure goes up. Exercises help in reducing blood pressure as when the blood pressure rises too much, it may be alarming that can cause loss of the baby.
  5. Exercise gives pregnant women energy and this eases the pelvic and back pain- As the baby bump grows, a pregnant woman needs more energy as the weight is exerted on the lower half of the body and the pelvic. Exercises help women easing this pain especially when they have late pregnancy.
  6. Alleviates constipation and helps one to get a better sleep- It is a known phenomenon that pregnant women usually feel to constipate or constipate from time to time. According some women, they have uncovered that even a 10-30 minutes regular stroll keep them from constipating. Women who usually exercise on a regular basis usually say they sleep very well than those who don’t exercise as they have a hard time getting sleep.

Types of healthy exercises during pregnancy

  1. Quick (Brisk) walking- This is basically taking a 15-30 minutes’ stroll. This is usually advised when one wants to start exercising. This usually helps the cardiovascular by strengthening it. This is also free and one can take family and friends to join them for company.
  2. There is curl and lift- one needs a steady and firm study chair. One should then sit on the age of the study chair at a 90 degrees angle and their feet firmly on the ground. Your arms should be at your side and hold up to an 8 pound weight on both hands. In case one does not have weights, you can use bottles of water. Your palms should be facing your body when you start lifting the weights.
  3. Stationary cycling- This is usually more preferred by pregnant women than actual cycling as it is safe for a pregnant woman. Since the bike is stationary, it supports the body weight and it’s hard for one to fall. This is important as it raises the heart rate and at the same time reducing stress on the pelvis and joints.
  4. There is Yoga- This is advisable as it keeps their joints agile and enable the pregnant woman to be more flexible. Yoga is also a form of pain reliever and helps one to minimize stress. Yoga strengthens the muscles of the body thus increasing blood circulation.
  5. There is also low-impact aerobics- These are simple aerobic exercises. One can do at the comfort of their home but when one joins aerobic classes for pregnant women the better. A qualified instructor has modified aerobics for pregnant women.

Aerobics are usually needed to strengthen the lungs and also the heart. This type of exercise is needed to keep muscle balance and tone. Aerobics also diminishes the stress on the joints.



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