Before you travel internationally, you probably need to have a passport and today I will guide you on a step by step process on how you can apply for a passport on the government website known as e- citizen and that is what we are going to do right now.Log in to e- citizen platform and once you have signed in, head on to new application named “Directorial of immigration services. New applications”.


Afterwards you have chosen the above option, select “passport application”. You can apply, renew or replace your passport and pay it online. It has 9 pages which we are going to go through.


Under the category, choose the passport owner which is your application and select “next”.


In the next page, if you have a dual nationality, meaning you are a Kenyan as well as a citizen of another country, you can select the necessary required option, either “yes” or “no “option.


In the passport type, there is ordinary and diplomatic. For most people it will be ordinary then the type. If you are applying for a passport for the first time, if it is a replacement of a previous passport, changing of passport particulars(name or the name on your ID card), mutilated passport( If the passport has an issue or it got lost). For our case, we are applying for the first time.

Under the page count, you are required to choose between a 50 and a 66 page count. Most people will chose a 50 page but you can also choose the 66 page which will cost more.

Next you can write the person in your family that has a passport and below there you can include their personal number (ID card number) and click next.

  • Select location to submit application. Within Kenya it is in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Eldoret, Embu, Nakuru and Kisii.
  • Type in your surname and below that type in your given names that are in your birth certificate.
  • Type in your birth year, month and date.
  • Type in your birth location, country, citizenship, marital status.
  • Under reason of travel, you can either say work or school or whatever your main reason is.
  • Choose Kenya as your country of residence.
  • Type in your phone number. In this case you should start with +254 ………….
  • Insert your email address and click on “next”.

Put in your fathers details if they are available.

  1. Your fathers full name.
  2. Fathers ID card number.
  3. Father’s passport number (if he has a passport. If he doesn’t have one leave a blank space)
  4. Fathers place of birth
  5. Fathers postal address.
  6. Fathers phone number.
  7. Do the same for the mother’s details and as usual click on “next”.

In the first and second next of kin you usually put your closest family member. If you are married, then that needs to be your spouse.


Insert the suitable answer if you have any children or not. If yes. You need to place their contacts below there as well. If you do not have any children, insert no and click” next”.


In this page, the application must be recommended by a Kenyan citizen, who personally knows the applicant but not an immediate relative. You insert the details of the person who you can be able to use as your referral provided that it is not a member of relative. You can ask your friend to help you out and afterwards click “next”.


On this final page, you will find passport application form where you are provided with a link to download the passport application form where you are required to print it and sign it and once you sign it, you need to upload it on the first box that is below.

Provide a photocopy of all the required documents that you are asked for and afterwards you can click “confirm” at the top of the page.

Once you are through with that process, you are required to pay a certain amount of money that will show up after you have submitted your details. Once you have done that, you will have your passport. That is a simple way of how you can apply for a passport.



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