Today, we will be going to show you how you can share your mobile display with your television, in short, we will show you how to connect your mobile phone to your television or as many prefer to call it, a TV. If you want to have a successful outcome, I suggest that you follow the given procedures below. Let us go ahead and know how it is all done.

Before proceeding, it is important for you to realize that you can only connect your phone with your television if your television is a “smart TV” and not a “digital” one and make sure that your smart television can connect to a WI FI network.


  1. The first procedure is to open settings on your TV using your TV remote.
  2. After opening settings, you can be able to see an option labelled “wireless display”. Select the option using your remote control by pressing “ok”. If your TV does not have the wireless display option, do not worry as in this same article I will explain to you how you can connect your mobile phone with your television even without the wireless display option. At the moment, let me first explain to those individuals that have wireless display option on their television what they have to do.
  3. After you have selected the “wireless display” option, you have to turn on the option in your television.
  4. Thereafter, go to your mobile phone and turn on your mobile notification and afterwards you will be able to see an option labelled “cast” or “wireless display”.
  5. Tap on the option and then tap on “settings’ on your mobile phone.
  6. Now you have to select your television after opening settings. Choose the television you are using.
  7. The television will display a text “ready to play”. This means that your television is connected to your mobile phone. Anything you perform using your phone will be exactly the same as the one displayed on your television.
  8. You have successfully done it. You have connected your phone with your television. It is that easy.
  9. If your television does not have a “wireless display’ option, then you have to use some money out of your pocket and purchase the “anycast” devise.
  10. Plug in the “anycast” devise in your television’s HDMI port and afterwards follow the steps given above. Make sure to not miss a single step.
  11. That’s it. I hope that this article will be helpful for all of you.



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