A Facebook page is where a public figure, businesses, or brands can hook up with their fans or clients. This is very important for the page owner since when one follows or likes a certain page, they can get updates in their news feed from that particular page hence keeping them in the know about the page. Facebook pages generate fans and not friends like personal profiles. Fans are the ones who choose to like or follow the page in unlimited numbers which is different from personal profiles which have a maximum number of 5000 friends.

How to create a Facebook Page.

  1. One should log into facebook.com. Once one has logged in, they should click “pages” then click on “pages”.
  2. Secondly, one should choose the type of page he/she wants as it could be a business page or maybe a page to promote a brand. It will bring two choices for one to pick from that is “business or brand” and “community and public figure”.
  3. Thirdly, one is to fill out the required information needed by Facebook to create a page.
  4. Lastly, one should click on the create button and it is as easy as that.

How to create and build a Facebook Business page.

  1. The owner is to fill out the basic information about the business at www.facebook.com/pages/creation or one could use a simpler method of clicking the button on the corner on the upper-right and one will have to choose between brand or business. Since it is a business page, one will click get started the business box. One will be required to fill in the Page name, Categories, Phone number, and Address of the business.
  2. One should add a cover photo or a profile photo that is captivating in relation to the business. This picture will be your icon every time you have a remark on a post or decide to publish something that will automatically go to the follower’s News Feed. Just as a tip, one may also upload a cover video or have a slideshow of images.
  3. The owner should fill out the information needed on the page completely. Facebook will show you some ways and steps to be followed in order to complete the Page setup. There are some things that will be required to be filled like a description of the business and what the page is all about, category, the contact information of the business, location of the business, and even hours of business.
  4. One should customize the page. One can go to the page settings and click on the “templates and tabs” button which allows the page owner to decide how they want their page to look like and what they want their page to have. Each template has a CTA(Call To Action) button. This button gives the followers on the page a convenient way to communicate with the owner in case they want to buy your product or services.
  5. One should add collaborators on their page who have some duties on the page for example the Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, and Analyst. To add them, click on the page setting and click on the “Page Roles” sector.
  6. The owner can publish their first post. This is by putting up a post, video, link, event, or lust photo. One should put up content on the page and it should be something new and fresh to the page each day.
  7. One should create their own Page username. This is to enable clients to find you easily and first when they search for your page. This will enable the page to have a distinctive identifier in the URL.

Importance of a Facebook Page.

  1. A Facebook page is a business instrument which is given free. On a business page, one can create business events, sell different products, and hire employees just through the page.
  2. The page enables one to create their own community. It gives the customer the room to share their views and comments. They even give their suggestions directly to the page owner. A Facebook page enables the owner to offer feedback to his fans or clients.
  3. A Facebook Page is a tool for competition in business. In the world we live in today, a business or brand must have a presence that is felt in social media. Lacking a social media presence would result in missed opportunities especially if your competitor has one.
  4. One gets a chance to connect with their clients or fans on a daily basis through status updates, videos, and links that will be shown on their News Feed.

The Facebook page has changed a lot in the world we live in today as it has come with a different ball game as it has changed most of our aspects in life. It has changed how we do business and also how to create a brand for oneself. It has enabled one to communicate with millions of clients and fans just by the click of a button.

 The Facebook Page has changed the way people market their products and themselves as a brand. Before Facebook, one had to physically move everywhere to market themselves and their product but in the world today one can market products and themselves anywhere they are if they want to. The Facebook page is a tool that should be used to improve businesses and brands.



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