Instagram is an application that allows the sharing of videos and pictures. This application allows one to post or view posts, to comment or view comments, and also to like posts, pictures, and videos.

How to create an Instagram Personal Page.

  1. One is required to download the Instagram application on their phone or device that can access it. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store if it is an Android device or App Store where the device is an iPhone. 
  2. As soon as the Instagram application is installed, one can tap on the application’s icon to open it and start the process of opening an account.
  3. Once the application is opened, one should select sign up either with their phone number or their email address. The app will provide one with a confirmation number that one is required to enter. The confirmation code can be sent as a text to the phone number or mail through the email address.
  4. After the registration, the last requirement is to choose a username and password carefully. The username is the name people will know you as in Instagram while the password is something that one will need to remember in order to log into the Instagram Account.

How to create and build Business Instagram Page.

Instagram is a social media site that a business should take as necessary for business purposes. Instagram has over 1 Billion monthly users who are active. Research done by Facebook shows that at least one business site is visited everyday by more than 200 million facebook users. An Instagram business account can be used to advertise products and services for free and also acquire more customers through the site. Before starting a business account on Instagram, one must have a Facebook Business Account or a Facebook account.

  1. First, a business should download the Instagram application. This is to enable the business to start creating an account.
  2. When creating the account, it is not advisable to use a Facebook account as that will give people access to your personal Facebook account. It is better to sign in with a Business email address as this will make people contact the business more easily using Find friends which is a feature on Instagram.
  3. The business has a basic profile for the business with a Business user name. One should create an appropriate business name with the business name. The business should also have a password that could be remembered by the administrator of the account. The account needs a user name that is very distinctive from the personal account.
  4. The creator of the account should go an extra step and find Facebook contacts and friends. One should pick a profile picture and two other pictures that are identifiable before following friends and contacts via Facebook.
  5. The account profile should be completed by clicking the profile button which is at the bottom right to view whether the profile is completed. The business should fill in its bio and the contact which people can access the products or services they offer. 
  6. One should use the Instagram business tool to complete the profile that will favor the business. The tool has some steps that guide one to complete the profile. One will be required to link the Facebook page with the Instagram Business page.
  7. The business should start posting new and fresh content on a daily basis to keep the followers coming back to the site to see what is new in the business. Posting new content will be updated in the follower’s News Feed.

The account should make good use of captions and hashtags. The business should make sure that the captions used in the account are simple and brief while using hashtags that are appropriate to the business.

  • The business should try following their customers in order to connect more with them and get social. Following others who view the page may prompt them to follow you and want to know what the page is about and they can become customers in the process.
  • One should find a way to brand their business on this page so as to make it unique from the rest of other business pages. This will enable consumers to differentiate your business from others online.

An Instagram business account is important in the world we live in today as everything is turning into digital including businesses as there are many online businesses that are very successful. A business should try and invest in online business to keep up with these times.



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