Jiji is an online platform that allows one to sell and buy products online. On Jiji site registration is free and only takes a few minutes to do that and start selling or buying on the site. The site provides a client friendly interface as it has provided different categories and classes of products in different sections that make one to access the products easily. The site provides easy search of products as the products are put in various categories.

The site also allows one to put up as many ads as one needs for free. The site allows one to sell or buy new or used items on the site and allows for a customer to purchase items directly from the seller. This makes its items cheap as it has removed intermediaries in the transaction of buying and selling. The contacts of the seller are usually available on the site hence a potential buyer can directly contact the seller.

Jiji also guarantees safety of every user of the site as it protects personal and financial information of the users. It also has a scam detection system with around the clock team to ensure customer satisfaction of its users. Platform like Jiji are there to make life more easier when wanting to purchase anything and also when one wants to sell their own product or a business product.

 This site has helped people and businesses to avoid the hustle of creating their own website to sell their products. This has made them avoid the cost of creating one and the process of advertising your own site for people to buy products. It has also lowered the cost of advertisement by businesses since ads on the site are free of charge.

How to open a Jiji Account.

  • One should go to their web browser and search for Jiji sign up page. Once on the sign up page, one will be provided with some options; register with Facebook, register with Google or one can opt to sign up manually by filling in their details.
  • One should create strong password to that will protect their account. One should choose their password carefully as it will be needed when one needs to access the site and protection from fraudsters and scammers.
  • One will be required to fill all the blanks; their name, email address, phone number and also their names.
  • One will then click Register. One will then be directed to their profile where one will be required to confirm their email address and the information they have provided.
  • One is then to access the email he or she has provided to get a link that which is the activation link for the Jiji site.
  • In the event one uses their Facebook or Google to sign up, the system will automatically fill the information from those accounts but one will still need to confirm their email.
  • One should then go to their email address and click on the link to complete the registration process. After this one now owns their account and one can modify the account anyway he or she wishes.

How to sell on Jiji Platform.

  • Start the process of selling by clicking on the plus icon where you will see Post Free Ad Page at the top right. One will see numerous fields required to fill the information about the item that one wants to sell.
  • One should choose the item’s category and sub-category.
  • One will be required to give a short title and a little description of the product that one wishes to sell on the platform.
  • One is then required to give the price he desires of the item and check negotiable in the event where one could get a customer who would like to bargain.
  • Then the seller will have to put up some photos of the item. This is an important step as advert with photos is the most likely to get the attention of potential buyers. Photos attract the attention of the platform users faster than that which has no pictures. One should also add the tittles of the pictures.
  • One should then review their contact details to ensure that buyers can be able to contact them easily and conveniently. Adding location is also important in order to target customers in your nearby areas.

Jiji is an online business platform that a business needs to widen their sales and profits as it is free of charge.



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