In many ways, a Hard Reset may be required for a number of reasons: One could be because the device is hanging or slow due to numerous auto-running applications, or you want to make it purely mimic a new one and you need to sell it, or maybe you cannot remember your password.

The above problems could be very annoying; many people tend to buy a new mobile Smartphone simply because they cannot tackle the above problems using hard reset.

The procedures below will come in handy whenever you want to erase all data in your Smartphone.

Method 1

Step 1

Go to settings in your Tecno Spark device. To access the settings, go to the search button and type “settings” or pull down the status bar and tap the bolt button.

Step 2

In the settings, go to “Personal > Backup”, click on it. If Personal option is not there; go to “System/About Phone>Storage/Backup and restore”. Afterwards, tap “Factory data reset/Reset options>Factory data reset>Reset phone>Enter pin or password”.

Step 3

Before the Factory Reset commences, a confirmation message will pop up asking you whether you want to delete all data. The data you have already backup will not be deleted because it will be saved in Google.

Step 4

You might be required to enter your password in order to start the Factory Reset process.

Step 5

During the process, your Tecno Spark will take many minutes to Factory Reset and Restart because it has to re-install the Factory apps previously found in your phone when you bought it.

Method 2

This second method is efficient when you do not remember your password or If you want to sell your phone and need to erase all your personal data quickly.

Step 1

Firstly, switch off your Tecno Spark or long press the power button for about 19-20 seconds.

Step 2

Press both the Power button and Volume down simultaneously for a few seconds. In some devices you have to use volume up instead of down to continue.

Step 3

Release the buttons when the Tecno logo is depicted.

Step 4

Using volumes up and down keys peruse to “Recovery mode” and press it using power button.

Step 5

With volume keys to navigate, select “Wipe cache partition” to clear the Tecno Spark cache. Always use power button to select.

Step 6

With Volume up & down after a few seconds, select “Wipe data/Factory Reset”. A screen with options to select whether Yes or No will appear press the volume down key and skip the No until you get to Yes (select using power button).

Step 7

Choose Reboot System now in the next screen to boot your Tecno Spark. This will take several minutes because your phone needs to reinstall the factory apps required for the phone to work properly.



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