A password is basically a phrase, a word or a thread of different characters with the purpose to distinguish a certified user of a device from a user who is not permitted. A laptop password is used by the device to know the identity the user. This is used to prevent unauthorized users from accessing contents of the laptop. This helps with the security of the laptop.

Easy ways to manage your password.

  1. One should pick a password with many characters from 12 to 15 characters to secure the laptop from access by unauthorized user who may try to guess your password. Length of a password usually matters more than complexity of the password as some are usually to good in finding passwords of the people they are close to. This prevents brute force by non-permitted user who may try to hack your system.
  2. One should put a unique password and not a hash tag phrase which is very easy for one guess. One should opt for passwords with a mixture of uppercase, lower case, numbers and symbols. Then you should also avoid dictionary words that can be found in any language.
  3. One should change their password after a certain period of time since when a password stays for long, people might have already figured out your password. One might also have accidentally exposed their password to someone who might also tell someone and so on. One should change after a period and not on an everyday basis as you can forget the password.
  4. One should avoid the re-use of passwords on different platforms for example using the same password for work use and personal accounts. This is dangerous because when one finds the password they can access all your accounts.
  5. In the event you share your password with anyone, you should change the password as soon as soon as they are done with it. This is to ensure they don’t misuse your accounts when you are not around or share them with others who might use the account for wrong reasons.
  6. One should not trust their password with the browsers they use. One should not trust the browser with their passwords especially on sites as security purposes of the password is undocumented. One should opt for a password manager when using different sites.

How to set up a laptop’s password.

  1. One should open their laptop and click on the Start button. One should then select the “Control Panel” to get started. You should then tap on Add or remove user accounts which you will see under the sector User Accounts and Family Safety. One should then select Continue when the user account Controls requires you to give consent in order to make changes.
  2. One should then choose the account they want to put a password to on the list that will be provided then tap “Create a Password.
  3. One should then enter their preferred password in the text bars. One should create a strong password with a mixture of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. It is usually advisable to use more than 8 characters. One should avoid using characters that is recognizable.
  4. One should then go ahead and type a hint of the password in the text bar and then proceed by clicking “Create password”.
  5. One should then reboot the laptop. After reboot, one can now log into their account with the newly created password.

Process of changing a password on a laptop.

  1. One should click on the start button on your screen. One should then select Settings which will be on a list on your screen.
  2. One should then tap on “Accounts”. After that, one should then click on the Sign-in button from the menu you will be shown.
  3. One should then tap on the “Change” button which is below the “Change your account password”.
  4. For one to change their password, you will be required to sign in with your current account on that laptop and provide its password then click “Sign in”. After this, you will receive a code through a text in your phone through the mobile number that is connected to your account.

Before one receives the code, you will be required to enter the last 4 numbers of your phone number so as to verify that the number provided in the account is actually yours. One should then click “Enter”.

  • One will get a code on their mobile phone. You should take the code and enter it in the text bar provided on your screen.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will be required to enter your old password and then also put your new password and reenter the new password. One should then click “Enter”. One will then receive a message recommending them to lock your device and then use the new password. This is a confirmation that you have changed your password successfully.



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