A Skiza tune can be anything that entertains your callers when they callers with your favorite Skiza tune. It was launched by Safaricom which is the leading mobile service provider in Kenya. With the Skiza tune, one is able to keep their callers entertained before they pick the call. This helps as Kenya is a country where people are hard-working and sometimes might not be close to their phones to pick it up on time hence the Skiza tune keeps the caller entertained before one picks up the phone. 

The Skiza tune unlike when it began, it does not have to be a song as before but can also be a funny line made by you or one can get them from the Skiza tune website or through sending an SMS with the code of a Skiza tune that one would wish to have. Skiza tune has now grown that it now offers local and international tunes to its users. Skiza tune can also be used as a trademark call back tune for his callers depending on the type of picture they want to put to their callers especially in business calls and also a personal picture of them to share with their callers.

A Skiza tune can tell much about someone without even one knowing as some will have gospel tunes, funny tunes and also some party tunes which describe ones character to the caller even before the phone owner answers. One can know the character of the receiver before they even answer the phone as the tunes describe what type of person the receiver is.

Skiza tune has also provided a wide range of tunes for one to pick from. One at least has a Skiza tune that he or she may wish to have. The vary from inspiration music or words, International or local tunes, Gospel or Secular tunes, funny speech or personal words, Reggae or Pop music to RNB music and Hip-hop. This has enabled its users to have an easy time in picking the type of tunes they want as they are grouped according to their type.

How to set up a Skiza tune on phone by using the Skiza Code.

  1. One should take their mobile device. The mobile device can be any and not necessarily Smartphone. One should dial *811# and press call.
  2. One will then get a list of options to choose from and they should scroll down to the choice of “Skiza Tunes Genres” and put the number of that choice in the text bar.
  3. One should then choose the type of genre they want for the song they want to pick the Skiza tune from.
  4. One should then pick the song they want and download it to their mobile phones.
  5. After the process, one should then subscribe in order to set it as the Skiza tune. One will only be charged Ksh. 1 on a daily basis and Ksh. 1.50 on a daily basis for international tunes as long as you will want the subscription to last.

How to set up a Skiza tune on a mobile phone through SMS.

  1. One should go to the message application on your phone and create a message where you will send the word “Skiza” with the code of the tune that you wish to the number 811.
  2. Once you have done this, Safaricom will then send a message to acquire if you want the subscription and confirm the subscription.
  3. One should then confirm it and the Skiza tune will be set immediately or as soon as possible.

How to set up a Skiza tune from the Website directly.

  1. For this type of set up, one will need a Smartphone or a computer. This method has been praised as one of the easiest and most convenient method. The devices being used should be internet connected for one to access the website through a browser.
  2. One should the log into the Skiza Tune Website through their preferred browser and search for “www.skiza.safaricom.com”. One should then scroll through the page which has a list of tunes for the users and one should choose any of the tunes available as their Skiza Tune.

How to copy a Skiza tune from another person.

  1. One should first tell the caller not to pick up your phone call when you call. Then you should proceed to call them.
  2. As soon as the Skiza tune starts playing, one should go to their keypad and dial the number 11.
  3. That specific tune will be automatically selected as your Skiza tune automatically as your own immediately.

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