We may never know that we are talented in something until we try. I never knew that I could excel in sports until the day the games teacher asked me to participate during school games time.”Anyango!” she thundered.”You will participate in the eight hundred relay meter relay race. Is that clear!” At first I declined to do so but I had no alternative but to agree and be at Mrs. Juma(our teacher) beck and call. Although dubious of my decision, I decided to try my luck. I was now sweating and my shirt was drenched in sweat.

          I had never before participated in sports event. I prayed to the high Deity to give me courage to face the “monster” ahead of me. I then decided to put my best foot forward. Without splitting hairs Mrs. Juma called out the names of other competitors.All of them were robust save for me. Some held their arms akimbo to signify that the race was just but a mere piece of cake. One of them was Wambui.Wambui was known far and wide for the records she had set in the relay race. She was a swath girl rather stout. She was not only good in sports but also n academics. All and sundry were envious of her achievements.

          Sooner than later, the other events commenced. The other participants were up to the mark. All of them seemed confident and ready for their races. I was now engulfed in fear. cold chill ran down my spine. My heart was pounding faster and faster. I was now in a dilemma. Was I really cut out for the task? What if I lost? Would my pals look down on me? Those were some of the questions whirling in my puny mind. My rudy visage was now enveloped in sweat.

          The races were slowly but progressively coming to an end. In a fraction of a second, the participants of the relay-race were assembled. Eerie silence enveloped the vicinity “pooml” went the gun, the race had began. I sprang out with the agility of a cobra, ran relentlessly towards my counterpart Omondi.I was now in the lead. Agitation was crystal clear to Wambuis visage. On tagging my partner, He hoisted the flag higher and higher. He took off at lightning velocity after running for one round, he tagged me back. I was leading, leaving a cloud of dust behind. The spectators were in profound shock. Some had their mouths wide-agape. None of them had ever imagined that the silent Anyango was talented.

          To their utter bewilderment, I emerged victorious. I had won the race.Wambui came in second. Tears were now welling up her eyes. I too did not believe that I could make such an outstanding performance. Truly, the sages were not in their sixes and sevens when they stated that dictum still waters run deed.



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