Many people who are not looking for something end up finding something incredibly rare by accident or by pure luck and there are other people who have been searching long and hard and recently discovered some incredible artifacts from an ancient king dynasty sword to a bizarre 400 million year old hammer. Check out these recently discovered ancient artifacts.

  1. SWORD.

A Chinese man found an old sword and uses it as a kitchen knife. Yi Shouxian is a 60 year old farmer who was digging his farm when he came across an old sword blade that had no handle. He took it home and used it as a kitchen knife for 5 years until one day he saw some characters on the sword’s blade. He then took the blade to some experts who were surprised to discover that the sword dated back to the King Dynasty between 1644 and 1912. The sword had the characters for King Ling John which means green dragon sword etched in the steel. It is estimated that the blade is worth $160,000.


We’re not talking about Chris Hemsworth hammer that he used to protect Asgard from the Frost giants but instead we are talking about a small Viking amulet in the shape of Thor’s hammer. Archaeologists have found thousands of these called torshammere across the Viking world but they have always argued whether they represent Thor’s hammer or entirely something else. This discovery was found in Kobelov in Lolland seems to have answered whether the amulet was made to resemble Thor’s hammer or not. Strangely enough, the person who made this artifact was illiterate and thus they inscribed runes on the amulet which had confirmed that these tiny trinkets do in fact represent Thor’s hammer.


A pensioner found a 2,300 year old pure gold crown under bed. An elderly Englishman who decided to remain anonymous re- discovered inherited treasure in the form of a Greek gold crown in a cardboard box under his bed. He had inherited the box from his grandfather and saw the crown long ago but didn’t think it had any value and thus he never paid any attention to it. That is until one day he decided to have it appraised by Dukes of Dorchester in 2017. He was shocked when he was told the crown was over 2000 years old and worth $135,000. The mysterious thing about the crown is that no one has any idea where it came from or how the grandfather came to posses it.


A 100,000 year old Viking sword was discovered back in 2016 by Arni Bjorn Valdimarsson. Armi and a group of friends went hunting for geese but instead found a Viking sword laying on the sand completely exposed. The sword was a remarkable find and it belonged to two remarkable men. It is believed the sword belonged to Ingolfur Arnarson, the first Norseman to permanently settle in Iceland. One story tells that once landing in Icelaand, Amarson threw wooden posts into the sea and said he would build his house wherever they landed. Valdimarsson did the right thing by passing the sword to the cultural heritage agency of Iceland which has worked on its identification and preservation. They estimated and discovered that the sword dates to roughly to 950 AD or before.



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