1. For beginners it is important to start running in short intervals.

The moment you want to begin training in running one should start running in short intervals since you are a beginner and with time you will be running in long intervals. One should create a running schedule in short intervals at the beginning of your running training. One should not feel bad even when you get tired during the intervals as you can walk during the training. With time you can lengthen the intervals according to what your body can handle.

  • You should start running in a slow pace.

This will help the body to start getting acquainted with the new strains and stresses of running since the body is not used to this. Running too fast as a beginner will cost one as you will feel the effect of running fast as a beginner in the first few minutes. Running too fast in the beginning can cause overexertion, frustrations, pain and even sometimes one can get injuries. One should ensure they ran at a modest pace to avoid problems that will catch up with you in the first few minutes.

  • One should always let the body recover after a running interval.

After running a short interval, one should rest a little and let the body recover before heading on with the next interval. One should at least continue with the next interval during the next day. This allows the body to rest and adapt to the new workout demands by the cardiovascular system. It also helps to prepare your bones and muscles for the next session.

  • While running take short steps and run easy.

Running is a sport like any other hence on should fast adapt this technique so as not to make jogging harder than it is. This will help you to avoid wasting lots of energy as this will help the body to adapt the coordination and movement sequence while running. One should keep in mind that easy short steps are better than longer harder steps.

  • You should not make a big deal out of side aches.

Side aches is usually something normal to most beginners. This is an effect that one gets when they are new runners and to avoid this, one should make sure that they don’t eat something solid about 2 hours before running and drink water in small quantities. When you experience side aches, you should take a small break and just walk while breathe in a calm manner. Press the side that hurts and continue walking till the pain fades away.

  • One should always cross train.

This important especially for the heart as it likes when one does different types of exercises and this makes jogging more fun. This also reduces stress in the spine and joints as these are the core body parts in training as they are known as control center.

  • One should select the proper running surfaces that they are comfortable with.

One should choose surfaces depending on their type of workout. You should note that running different surfaces is usually more advisable.

  • For fast running, take the pavement- The pavement is advisable for fast running as there is low risk of twisting your ankle though it is tough on your joints as pavements do not cushion your steps when running.
  • Ran on sandy surfaces- Running on sandy surfaces trains the muscles and helps one to lift their feet. One should also take care as you can easily overburden the calf muscles.
  • One can also run on all weather track surface (Tartan) – This provides a springy surface. This type of surface exerts lots of pressure on your Achilles tendon.
  • Treadmill- This is an all year round training machine that provides a good cushioning. It is usually considered as one of the safest way of training in running.
  • Set small goals that you can easily achieve.

One can get a little over-excited when as a beginner but you should have mini goals that you can achieve. Once you achieve this small goals, it gives you psych to continue with your running endeavor. These goals are important for one who wants to be a runner. One should set goals that motivate you but not so high that can cause you to have stress when you fall short.

  • Find a group of runners.

Finding a group is also a good tool to keep your spirit of running high. One gets motivated by the group and also a group ensures accountability as they will always check on you when they go for running. One usually gets inspired by the other and also one gets committed to the running course of the group.

  1. Have a plan.

One should make a plan when one wants to begin running as just walking out of your house and running is not as easy as you think. Running is not as easy as 123 especially when one has been away from exercise for a long period of time. One should make a plan to follow so that they can keep on track.



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