We love racing games and thankfully there are plenty of them in 2020 from realistic to arcade style. Below are the top racing games in 2020 that are upcoming and already released. Let us get started off.


This is an arcade style racing. So far it has been a superfast straightforward and satisfying arcade experience. It is like the 90’s arcade racing but with some extended new features on it and a really cool art style. There is also accessible drifting in hotshot racing that is quite easy to understand, there is boosting, checkpoint and just a really solid intense of speed. The tracks may seem a little blurry sometimes but the actual racing is fun.


This game is like a hardcore Sims for serious rally racing fans especially with the updated handling mechanics. The game consists of old school vehicles and plenty of racing options. The game will give you a realistic experience due to its wonderful realistic graphics. WRC 9 is a beast for the gaming fans who love rally racing.


This is like a trucking simulator type of game but it’s one of the best ones. Snow runner is incredibly realistic and surprisingly fun and addictive. In this game, you are not necessarily racing on a race course but against time or the weather and environment. It is way much cooler than you would expect. With snow runner, you cant help but just get addicted to this type of game because the driving mechanisms are so fun and engaging it make it way more cooler.


For motorcycle fun guys, I feel like this is essential for their grand turismo. In this game you get plenty of realistic bikes to chose from and have all been designed to represent their real life counterparts to the point of each asset actually being 3d scanned to make sure it is as close to perfect as it can be. The customization has been expanded for both your bike and your rider. You can get your bike to perform how you want. There is even a graphic editor where you can design your bike and upload them for other players to see. The game play is pretty intense too with a realistic set of speed especially if you are using the first camera helmet view.


This is a rally racing type of game which means that you are mostly drifting through some really tight turns. The game has a pretty simple colorful art style. Since you are going to be racing around the world, you are gong to see many kinds of different environments and each one of them looks very creative and beautiful. Art of rally is a unique and fun type of game that you will definitely get to love.

Inertial drift.

The sixteen cars that you have to chose from this game look like really dope 90’s  hot wheels that we would have really been excited to play with. Each car feels different ad unique and the controls too are unique. The game already looks like the arcade fun type of game. The arcade stylr controls really work out well here plus you get every single bit of action.



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