The meaning of Factory Reset Protection .

This is a safety property added on latest android phone OS with 5.1 version or higher (Pie, Lollipop, , Oreo ,Marshmallow and Nougat) and it is automatically activated when you set up Google™ Account. It prevents use of a device after a hard reset unless you log in using a Google username.

After factory reset process, the system asks user to enter the last Google account or Gmail used in the phone before performing the hard reset to verify the identity of the real owner of the Smartphone. The feature is very important and is intended to prevent misuse of the phone device during thefts. However, many users have got into trouble due to FRP; especially they have forgotten their own Gmail or password credentials after the factory reset.

Don’t worry this tutorial we will show you the latest methods to easily remove FRP or Google account lock without PC or laptop using the following simple steps below:

Method 1: Using A SIM Card

1. Insert a Sim Card into the phone

2. Then connect to a hotspot by making use of another WiFi Connection.After it is successfully connected, go back to the welcome page.

3.  Click on emergency call icon then double tap on Emergency information.

4. You should now have access to choose and edit a contact from the sim card you inserted earlier.



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