Are you looking for ways to hard reset your NOKIA device? Have you forgotten the unlock password to your NOKIA device? No need to stress yourself out.  Below is a method that I prepared that you can safely and easily use to hard reset your NOKIA device and get it working normally within a few minutes. Take good note that hard reset process deletes all the data that you have in your mobile phone may it be photos or music.


  1. First, power on your phone and tap on the setting icon.

2. Scroll down and look for the option labelled “about” and click on it.

3. Thereafter, you will see a labelled option “reset phone” embedded on a rectangular bar. Go ahead and click on the option.

4. Select “yes” option and wait patiently for your NOKIA mobile phone to reboot.


  1. Tap on the settings icon on your NOKIA mobile phone.

2. Scroll down and click on “system”.

3. Thereafter, click on “Advanced” and then “Reset options”.

4. Select the last option “Erase all data (factory reset)”.

5. Click on “Delete all data” on the bottom right corner of your device to confirm you want to erase all the data on your NOKIA mobile phone.

6. Confirm your pattern or password and continue with erasing all the data.

7. Now patiently wait for your NOKIA mobile phone to reboot.


  1. Power off your NOKIA device or remove and re-insert battery.

2. Connect a cable to your NOKIA mobile phone until it starts to charge.

3. Press the power button and the volume up at the same time until the android logo appears on your device’s screen.

4. Release both buttons when the green android robot displays on your NOKIA device screen.

5. Thereafter, press the power button +the volume up button until the android recovery menu appears on your screen.

6. Select the “wipe data/factory reset” option by scrolling using the volume down key and press the power key to confirm the chosen option.

7. Select “yes” and accept by pressing the power key.

8. Scroll using volume down and up buttons and select “reboot system now” and confirm the chosen option by pressing the power button.

9. Congratulations!!! You have done it. You have successfully performed a hard reset on your Nokia mobile phone. Wait for your NOKIA device to reboot for you to continue using it normally.

Watch the video below for more information:


1.Power off your NOKIA mobile phone.

2. Insert a charger cable to your NOKIA mobile phone and wait for the NOKIA logo to appear.

3. While the cable is still inserted in the phone, press and hold on to power button + volume down button until an exclamation mark appears on the screen.

4. When the exclamation mark displays on your NOKIA mobile phone screen, press the following sequence of buttons correctly as explained. First press the vol up button once followed by vol down button once then the power button and lastly once again press the vol down button once.

5. After successfully following the above procedure, the NOKIA logo will display on your screen for a while followed by a set of rotating gears. The rotation of these gears simply means that all the data in your NOKIA mobile phone is being wiped clean. All you need to do is to wait patiently for the rotating gears to disappear from your screen.

6. After the gears have disappeared from your screen, the NOKIA logo will pop up once again and thereafter your NOKIA mobile phone will reboot.

7. Congratulations!!! You are done with hard resetting your NOKIA phone. Now just finish up with the initial set up.

Watch the video below for more information:



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