Today, I will guide different Huawei nova 5z mobile users on different ways of how they can capture a screen shot from their Huawei nova 5z mobile phones. So far I have three methods and they all depend on the brand of Huawei nova 5z phone that the user is using. Screenshots are important in saving your files for the purpose of future reference and you can share the pictures with your friends and relatives. Follow either of the methods below and if one of them does not work try either of the other two .


This is the easiest way to capture a screenshot. All you just need to do is press and hold  power key plus volume down key altogether for approximately three seconds. Afterwards, you are going to find your captured screenshot in your device’s gallery.


  1. Swipe down from the top of your Huawei nova 5z  device where you will be taken to the notification panel.
  2. Under it, you will see “screenshot”. Tap on it in order for you to capture your screenshot.


  1. Go to the setting icon on your device and tap it.

2. Scroll down to accessibility features and click.

3. Click “shortcut & gestures”.

4. Choose “take screenshot”.

5. You can either capture screenshot by either using your knuckle or by sliding down three fingers from the top of the screen going downwards.

Check out this video:

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