New Best Way To Bypass FRP On Samsung.

After performing hard reset on your samsung device, you will be required to bypass FRP in order to get your device running normal again. In this tutorial, We will be guiding you through various methods that you can use to accomplish this task by using unlock tool and it is up to the user to select the preferred method in relation to their Samsung device. Without further ado lets get started.


  1. When you power on your Samsung device, you will be brought to a screen as shown below. Click on start and on the next page, click on “Agree”.

2. Thereafter, you will be brought on a screen where you are required to verify your account. Here is where the unlock tool comes in hand.

3. Click on SAMSUNG on your laptop or PC as indicated below and specify the type of Samsung device that you have as illustrated in the images below and click on it. You will be able to identify the list of options. Make sure not to forget to check the box below as indicated.

4. Power off your phone. Thereafter, after your device is powerd off, press and hold the volume up +volume down buttons altogether and Connect your Samsung device to your laptop using a USB cable. Release both buttons when directed to a screen as shown.

5. press on the volume up button once to be directed on a screen with a download icon.

6. Afterwards, click on the “ERASE FRP” option on your laptop and wait for the process to run all the way to 100%. On the right side of your laptop screen, you should be able to see a text as highlighted below. This confirms that you have successfully bypassed FRP on your Samsung device.

7. Your device will automatically power on and at this point, you can unplug the USB cable. You will be directed to a screen as shown. Click on “START” and “AGREE” on the next page.

8. On the next screen, you will be asked to verify your google account once again but this time tap on the “skip” option on the bottom left of your device.

9. Skip your account setup and other setups that may not be necessary and afterwards click on “Finish” in which afterwards you will be directed on your Samsung home age.

10. Congratulations, you have successfully managed to bypass FRP on your Samsung using the unlock tool. Donot worry if this method did not work on your device as you can use another method from the ones we will be displaying.


1. On the welcome page, tap on “Emergency call” and dial “*#0*#” where You will then be brought on a screen as displayed below.

2. On your laptop, open unlock tool, select Samsung as indicated, connect your Samsung device to your laptop using a USB cable and click on “Erase FRP” option.

3. Click “continue” on the displayed text and select “method 1” on the next pop up screen.

4. Patiently wait for the process to complete and while waiting, a pop up message will dislay on your phone where you are required to allow USB debugging and access to phone data.

5. Afterwards, you will then get to see a text as illustrated below, to confirm that FRP was successfully bypassed.

6. You can now disconnect the USB cable from your Samsung phone and restart it.
7. Congratulations!!! You have successfully bypassed FRP and now your device is running normal again.


1. On your laptop or PC, open unlock tool, click on “mediatek” option and select the “flash” option as illustrated.

2. Click the “server” checkbox and then select the phone brand which in this case is Samsung.

3. Thereafter, select the “model” and click on “format data” option.

4. Using a USB cable, connect your Samsung mobile phone to your laptop and press the volume down + power button at the same time until a dialogue such as the one displayed in the image below appears on the right side of your laptop screen. Only then can you let go of both buttons.

5. After the userdata has been successfully erased, your Samsung device will reboot and you will be directed to a screen as shown. Using volume down, select “Factory data reset” option and and press power button once to confirm.

6. Wait patiently for your device to reboot and once it has done so, you will be directed to the welcome page.

7. Hover over to your laptop and click on the “Erase FRP” option. connect your Samsung phone to your laptop using a USB cable and power it off.

8. After a successful operation as illustrated below, remove the cable from your phone and insert it again, this time round while pressing and holding the power button until the samsung logo appears.

9. You will finally be brought to the welcome page in which you can skip the unnecessary options and eventually you will be directed to your Samsung homepage.

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