1. Look at the menu carefully before you decide on what to eat.

Where one is not familiar with the menu, you should carefully look and analyze the types of foods and what they are paired with. Where there are French fries with another dish, one can opt for roasted potatoes which are low in calories and unhealthy fats.

Where one is interested with burgers they can choose green burgers that have lettuce or greens instead of those wrapped with buns so as to maintain low levels of calories in your diet. One should go through the menu and deciding on your food before arriving at the restaurant is the best way to go so that you can avoid impulsive decisions while there. This is advisable as one can be persuaded by sight and smell of food leading them to make unhealthy choices due to hunger.

  • Make it a habit to place your order first before the others you are dining with.

One should always have the habit of placing their order before his fellow co-diners so as to avoid eating unhealthy foods. The sight and smell of foods that are unhealthy if ordered by a friend can make one to order the same food. This will prevent you from being swayed or tempted to order otherwise since you have already placed your order. This can even make your friends to start eating healthy when you order first as they can be swayed to follow your healthy eating habits.

  • Take breaks between bites.

One should eat in a slow manner even when you are very angry. This is because the body needs time to register the meal. This also avoids the effect one gets of going directly from starving to being stuffed. The body takes almost 20 minutes for the brain to tell that you are full. This will help avoid over-eating and obesity. In the event that you find this impossible one can put their fork or spoon down between each bite. This will also help you to know when you are full instead of feeling full and sick after you have overeaten.

  • When it comes to drinks during meal, opt for water.

Water is the best choice of a drink before and during meals instead of sugary drinks. Sugary drinks only add more calories and added sugar to your body which are unhealthy. Research  has shown that people who drink water a few minutes like half an hour before meals tend to eat less calories and lose weight which is healthy.

  • Chew slowly and thoroughly.

One should always eat slowly and chew thoroughly as this also helps one to eat less. When one eats faster a without chewing thoroughly, you tend to eat a lot as it takes time for the brain to know when one is full. This also helps one get full more quickly without the effect of feeling full and sick at once. One can also make it a habit of counting the number of times you chew per mouthful to prevent you from eating too fast.

  • You should avoid “All-you-can-eat” buffets.

One might think picking the right food and the right amount in a buffet s easy but this is not the case. Estimating the portion sizes at a place where there is endless supply of food is a hard task. In the event where there is no other choice but a buffet, you can try using smaller plates to help you avoid overeating. One can also use the trick of taking a average sized plate and filling half of it with greens, salad or vegetables. These are nutritious with low calories hence saving on calories.

  • Be mindful when eating your food.

This is basically being careful of the choices of foods we eat and paying attention to the eating process. Take time in tasting the flavor of the food and also take time to get the feelings and thoughts that will be aroused when eating food. This type of eating has been associated with healthy eating in restaurants as it increases the level of self control when it comes to choosing healthy options of foods and also prevents one from overeating.

  • Order for sauces or dressing separately.

Sauces and dressing are great sources of calories contain a lot of extra fat that is unhealthy. One should order them separately so as to control the amount of sauces or dressing that you decide to consume. This is a good way to control them especially for those who are easily tempted.

  • One should skip the pre-dinner bread basket.

One should strive to avoid the pre-dinner so as to maintain low calories and avoid overeating. This should be taken into account especially when you go a restaurant hungry you may be tempted to eat the bread and in course of your meal, you may overeat. Where one is weak during temptation, you can send them back.

  1. Do not drink alcohol without food and plenty of water.

One should not drink until their main meal is on the table. Sipping water in the middle of alcohol sips is also very important. This enables one to save on calories as alcohol has the habit of causing low inhibitions which leads to less willpower around food.

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