Over the years, the NBA has implemented a lot of different rules that tend to control the way players dress, from the older dress codes to the latest ones. However, most of those dress codes apply to players off the court, during press interviews or press conferences. Today in this article we are going to look at some of the forbidden in the NBA court


Throughout the NBA history when players started to partner with shoe companies to sing their own deals, everything was going smoothly that is until Michael Jordan came along. In 1984, Jordan introduced this shoes that were prominently red and black. The NBA league office did not like this red and black color because it broke a previous NBA rule that stated  a player must wear shoes that matches both their outfit and the shoes worn by their team mates. The issue was that most of his team mates wore a much lighter color shoes mostly white or grey. As a result, Jordan would get fined $5,000 for every game he wore those shoes until they were officially banned from the NBA.


Many of you will think it is because of the sexual content that are associated with it but that’s not really the case. In 1999 Dennis Rodman joined the Lakers and requested to wear the number 69 but David Stern rejected his request. Instead Rodman decided to wear number 73. While the NBA has never really stated that the number 69 was banned, it is implicitly assumed and ever since then no other NBA player has even tried to wear that jersey number. Maybe somebody will break this trend in the future and start wearing the number 69 jersey.


In 2010 a certain company created a sneaker that costs $300 and which they claimed that the sneakers allowed the players to instantly jump higher all thanks to the spring like device that were hidden near the front of the shoe. Immediately, the NBA caught up with these shoes and they immediately decided to ban them because they gave an unfair competitive advantage.


Nowadays we don’t see a lot of NBA players wearing goggles anymore on the court but back in the 80s and 90s it was more popular. Kareem was one of those players that made this trend popular. In 2011 Dwayne Wade was suffering through migraines and all the flashy lights in the NBA arena were causing it and that was when he decided to wear the tinted goggles. Wade submitted this to the league’s office to get approval. However, after analyzing the goggles, the NBA league officials determined that there was too much tinting and it would have given him a competitive advantage because opponents would not be able to see his eyes.



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