1. Milk.

It is usually normal phenomena that people have been using milk in order to gain weight and also build their muscles. Protein is a type of food that is important when one is on a mission to gain more weight. It provides the body with high level of protein which is important in muscle gaining. Milk also provides one with carbohydrates, fats, calcium and some portions of vitamins and minerals. Research has shown that whey protein and casein provided by milk can have a very positive effect in gaining weight. One should drink 1 to two glasses of milk per day during a meal or before and after a workout.

  • Red meat.

Red meat is known for weight gain as doctors even advise those who are overweight to void this food but still advisable to the people who are underweight. Red meat is needed in building the muscles in the body.  Red meat contains leucine which is the main amino-acid that the body requires to stimulate muscle protein synthesis as they also add fresh muscle tissues. Red meat contain high levels of calories and proteins which are the key ingredients needed in gaining weight. This food also contains dietary creatine that is one of the best muscle- building supplements worldwide. One should choose fattier parts of meats rather than the lean one when gaining weight.

  • Rice.

Rice provides high levels of carbohydrates and calories. Rice also contains low levels of fat. One can get a high quantity of carbohydrate and calories from a single meal of rice. Rice does not cause bulk in the stomach hence one can eat more than some other foods. Rice is easy to eat especially when one is in a rush. One should eat rice with other protein foods such as eggs and red meat.

  • Salmon and oily fish.

Salmon and oily fish also contain high levels of protein just their red meat counterpart. They are a great source of protein and also contain the good healthy fats needed by the body like omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon have high levels of calories, high quality proteins and healthy fats. The high levels of protein are important in building muscles thus gaining weight. When gaining weight, one should opt for canned salmon as it is wild hence has more nutrients than farmed which are also expensive.

  • Protein supplements.

Using protein supplements has become one of the main methods used to gain weight. This is a strategy that is used mainly by those who are in the field of sports. There are various types of supplements; egg, soy, pea and also whey protein. Whey protein is easily available and its not expensive. People usually have the notion that whey protein supplements are manufactured but that is not the case. Whey protein supplements are made from dairy. One can boost the effectiveness of the supplements with physical training to gain more muscles.  Protein supplements is very important especially for those who work out on a regular basis since the protein requirement of the body will increase.

  • Cheese.

Cheese is important for its high content in calories and fats when one wants to gain weight. Just one bite the size of a dice contains 7 grams of protein and 110 calories hence these contents are important in weight gain. Cheese has an advantage of being tasty hence one can use it with many different dishes. Cheese is also available in many different forms; hard, soft, creamed and so on. They have high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol thus one should moderate the amount of cheese intake.

  • Whole eggs.

Eggs can be rated as one of the best ingredients in building muscles worldwide. They have the best blend of high quality proteins and healthy fats which is a concoction of gaining weight. Eggs also contain calories thus adding importance in weight gaining. One should eat the whole egg as the most important part of the egg is the yolk as it contains most of the beneficial nutrients. When one does not have intolerance to eggs, they should not limit their egg consumption. Most of the bodybuilders and athletes eat 6 or more eggs on a daily basis hence you can try and eat at least 3 in a day.

  • Full fat Greek Yoghurt.

This is an important and healthy way to gain weight. They usually have nutrients such as proteins, fat and carbohydrates. Yoghurt also has high levels of calories thus are important when one wants to gain more weight. One can take yoghurt alongside other high proteins food as this will enable one build their muscles.



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