What one consumes after a workout is important as the workout itself. One should take foods that are needed by the muscles. You should consume foods that boost muscle growth so that the body can recover after a workout.

During a workout, the body uses the glycogen by breaking it down. After a workout, the body is usually depleted of energy hence people are advised to eat food that has a combination of both protein and carbohydrates 30 minutes after the exercise. This enables the body refill its energy, repair and build muscle cells that were broken down during the exercise.

  1. Dairy Protein.

As little as 9 grams of milk protein after workout is just enough to stimulate protein synthesis in the muscles which helps the body to recover. One can also get protein rich dairy products such as Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese and kefir. Proteins help to repair new cells that are found in the muscles. They also contain amino acids that are found in these diets. Milk proteins usually boost the growth of lean muscles.

  • Eggs.

Whole eggs are important after resistance exercise. Whole eggs are important in boosting protein synthesis more than egg whites which have the same protein content. The yolk is more important in the stimulation of the muscles more efficiently.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids.

Studies by Washington University revealed that omega-3 fatty acids is important as it enhances the muscle proteins synthesis while it also enlarges the size of the cells in the muscles. One can obtain the omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, tuna fish and other fatty fish.

  • Herbal tea.

Herbal tea contains some chemical compounds and nutrients that help the body to process protein and carbohydrates more efficiently like yerba mate. Research has shown that yerba mates effect on the body is like that of water after an exercise.

  • Water.

It is usually very important to take water before, during and after an exercise. Keeping the body hydrated helps to make sure that the body gets the most gain from an exercise. During a workout, the body loses water and electrolytes through sweating hence drinking plenty of water after an exercise boosts recovery of the body and also performance of the body during a workout.

  • Bananas.

Even though high-sugar smoothies are not advisable after workouts, fruit lovers are at an advantage. Bananas are one of the best foods to eat after an exercise as they contain potassium and carbohydrates which are needed to be replenished in the body.

  • Starches.

One is usually advised to accompany proteins with a starchy carbohydrate such as rice, potatoes or corn that nourish the body with maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate that is absorbed directly through the gut. They usually boost the digestion of protein by the body.

  • Green juice.

One can blend different greens and drink after a workout. You can take kale, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, banana, blueberries and almond milk. Drinking green juice is a nutritious way of refilling your energy after a workout. One can add grass fed whey protein in the mix to help build the muscle and little creatine monohydrate to sustain a good level of creatine stores.

  • Acai Bowl.

One can make a diet of acai, quinoa, coconut water, chicken or lean fish and a good amount of spinach or broccoli. This is good diet as it contains proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats all essential nutrients for the recovery of the body after workout.



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